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Do you remember when President Obama went to Ireland to claim the apostrophe, making it “President O’Bama to you, sir”? The photograph of his drinking a pint at an Irish pub still is used to advertise Ireland. The President’s great-great-great grandfather is saiRead full post »

President Obama

As November looms Obama’s eligibility to hold or further seek the office of President is again under siege. Subsequently there is an attempt to scorn every voice raised against it into silence. The President’s supporters speak from public platforms. Challengers are rele… Read full post »


Fannie and Freddie received $169 billion dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts after the mortgage crash.  Many say that Fannie and Freddie actually contributed to the crash.  However November 2011 it was revealed that they planned to issue their 12 executives seven figure bonuse/Read full post »

JANUARY 16, 2012 12:39PM

The Iron Lady: A review

 Meryl as Maggie

Meryl Streep’s performance is riveting. The makeup artists brilliantly morphed her from a middle aged woman to one who is aged and infirmed. Her face, neck, hair, eyes, and Meryl took it further with her mannerisms, her gait and speech. She gave a totally believable portrayal. &nRead full post »

JANUARY 13, 2012 10:30AM

Mother of the bride: A diary - entry 1

 A wedding is in our future

Thailand is known for that famous Thai smile. A friend’s luggage was stolen. Instead of empathy she encountered smiles and an apparent disregard for her situation from those employed to assist her. It infuriated her. She did not know that Thai’s will do all that is possible… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 3, 2011 9:48AM

NYC Occupiers


I write on a 'mommy type' blog too. One of the mommy's asked what to tell her 6 year old son about the occupiers. I did some looking and found some facts she and you may not know about the occupiers.   I wrote an open letter to her.

Mommy dearest:

Tell… Read full post »

 Joe Biden

Why would Biden, in Flint, Michigan cite incorrect 'facts' about crime records for political purposes? Why are Republicans accused of wanting the death of children, women to die on hospital floors and why do ads show Republicans pushing granny off a cliff?  It’s the “Sc/Read full post »

Morgan Freeman says the President’s falling poll numbers have more to do with racism than anything else.  He was interviewed  recently by  Piers Morgan. He said that the Tea Party’s policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one/Read full post »


I listened to President Obama’s address to the UN September 21, 2011. Overall he thinks the world is doing rather well, democracy is breaking out.  He did not address the potential financial tsunami headed for Greece and Italy, and by proxy, us.

He covered different issu… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 7:56AM

9/11 and counting



Nine eleven2_edited-1

19 terrorists killed 2977 in NY, DC and Pennsylvania

Flight 11, struck at 8:46 am, between the 94th and 98th floors, flying at 490 miles per hour.

Flight 175 strikes at 9:02 am, between the 78th and 84th floors, flying at 500 mph.

Flight 77 strikes the… Read full post »


Where can you see children playing with hula hoops, enjoy the aroma of fresh cooked food, pet the dogs accompanying their owners, see citizens strolling down crowded tent bordered new lanes, books, jewelry and services for sale, hear music, the voices of authors raised as they

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SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 10:21AM

Fox Opinion Maker: Jehmu Greene


Jehmu Green is a current contributor to Fox News. The daughter of Liberian refugees she claims has had “first-hand knowledge of the realities of war and social disorder. By witnessing her family's ordeal in Liberia, she gained a true sense of democracy and the freedoms that aRead full post »

AUGUST 30, 2011 9:24AM

Political Blunderland: Tea Party 101

The Con cover pic 3

What strange political times we live in. We are seeing things we thought we would never see. Who knows, in this world the Queen of Hearts may even like white roses? A well respected Congresswoman, who proudly serves California’s 35th district, condemns her political opponentsRead full post »




Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this is the bill Congress was to vote for so that they could find out what was
in it.  They voted. Now we find out what is in it.


· At age/
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AUGUST 26, 2011 10:30AM

Tea Party 101: Political Blunderland

What strange political times we live in.  We see things we thought we would never see.  Who knows, in this world the Queen of Hearts may even like white roses? A well respected Congresswoman who proudly serves California’s 35th district condemns her political opponents to hell, a/Read full post »





In a place known as the ‘Lucky Country”, where yawning blue skies stretch over golden beaches hugging turquoise seas, where life is casual, and some shoppers go to the store barefoot, mayhem stalks.  It erupts when two/Read full post »

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released on his own recognizance because the hotel maid he allegedly sexually assaulted her is not “credible”. It is alleged she escaped her home land by lying (who knows what we would do to escape hell?), changed her story and she has received huge amountsRead full post »

JULY 6, 2011 9:38AM

Michele Bachmann

“She had a reputation for being sharp” so says one who knows.  He is Rich Gradel a student one year ahead of her.  He is not speaking of Hillary he is talking about Michele Bachmann.  The article by Politico, reposted by Huffington Post quoted him and other students who stu/Read full post »

In February 2011 blogger John Addison noted that the sales of electric cars soared in the face of Middle East instability and rising oil prices. He quoted Charles Maxwell, the oil industry analyst as predicting that regardless of the politics of the Middle East oil will reach $300 per barrel byRead full post »

JUNE 2, 2011 9:22AM


This issue will not go away. It is just too funny. Weiner weiner's is hacked, wait is Lorraina Bobbit still around? Oh not that kind of hacking, or weiner.


The ever caustic Anthony Weiner more or less told Bret Baier, when he was not sarcastically explaining his former non explanationRead full post »

Woman grieving

Imogene put the phone down. Her worried face on. Her husband was out of town on business, she’d have to take the kids. She scooped up her 3 surprised children and drove to Sarah’s home. Sarah and Peter were rushing out of the door. They had Max in tow. He… Read full post »




One of the most influential men in the entire world stands accused of violent rape.  He was thought to have left the fancy hotel.  He had not left.  He allegedly laid in wait. Allegedly naked.  And she reportedly is HIV positive, will heRead full post »

MAY 14, 2011 11:11AM

Movie Review - Jump The Broom

  • Daughter and I have a day planned. Lunch at favorite restaurant. That went well, great food, friendly service. On to the movie “Jump The Broom”. We are the only non African- Americans present. Woman besides me hesitates, does not know whether to sit by me or not. She does the math,
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Following 9/11 George Bush said he did not know when “we” would get bin Laden but he prophesied “we are going to get him”.

10 years later, May 1, 2011 the UK Telegraph newspaper records the tweets of Sohaib Athar, who uses the Twitter handle "ReallyVirtual". At 1am local time,Read full post »