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October 13
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MARCH 14, 2011 5:31PM

Barnstorming Under Connecticut Sky

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barn 1
blue sky
grey boards
barn 2 
pegged solid
barn 3 
kissed by
past suns
barn 4 
gold grass
lost in
cloud's embrace
barn 5 
with color

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Chuck, Windsor and Suffield, CT--been through both of those places a number of times! Wonderful post about a subject that is a huge favorite of mine.
ahhhh Chuck.. as they say:
I wish I was there.
rated with hugs
Your words and photos are wonderful.
I love it Chuck. Had a friend who lived in Windsor (ages ago). I went to college in Waterbury. Beautiul pictures.
Ansel would be proud. Frost, too. Very, very good, Chuck.
reminds me of a piece I wrote called, "My Father's Barn"

there's a genuine style to these barns.

well written.
Gorgeous. The red one blows me away...~r
I love this,'s so refreshing....xox
Very artistic and nostalgic for me :-)
Childhoods long ago when I spent the summer on a farm with my Great Aunt and Uncle. Rolling hills, chickens, cows, a dairy farm. Stacks upon stacks of hey which we found more fun in than XBox 360. A past gone by and not seen by my children, recollected in this blog. I thank you and may my Uncle who sat with me reading me Shakespeare that lovely old Scott, as the sun receded into the night sky, we walked into an old farm house without running water nor many material goods but held memories and love enough to hold me in it's very center.

Thank-you Chuck. What memories you bring forth in my mind with this.
Delightful, lyrical, quite beautiful. A perfect Ansely feel with a Grant Woodsian overtone.
gorgeous words and images. makes me wish I lived there. (nudge nudge) ::: big grin :::
Wow, thank you. I lived in this area for too short a time. It was truly a place I felt comfortable, at peace, and connected with others. Thank you for this glorious reminder. R
How nice to have such beauty on a Sunday drive. I love old barns - they truly have history absorbed in their boards. Great post & photos. R
Brings back vivid memories of my first drive down the CN River Valley with my dad in 1958. He told me that that was where the best cigar wrapper in the world was grown, and I looked for fields full of red and green wrapping paper with santa and elves. Seeing none, I thought, Some "wrapper".
A long lost love, Connecticut, is never far from my heart and memories. The landscapes of this fair state are too numerous to gather. You have done so well here. Sigh.
That was a spectacular break in the world's tensions. Thanks for this.
thank you all for your comments. i've been morphing my work with photographs; your liking this tells me i'm headed in the right direction.
Your words blend well together with these pictures of old Chuck.
You are well on the right track methinks....
barnstorming....I like that! Wonderful photos and poem,Chuck. One of my favorite subjects when I'm out with my camera. A part of Americana that's passing away into nothingness.
Wow, Chuck, I loved that. Your poetry and photos are so soothing in its beauty. A much needed break from the distressing news in the world. *♥*
gold grass
lost in
cloud's embrace"
gold grass
lost in
cloud's embrace"
ok - OS is messing up, sorry chuck...ok I loved that line. Also, that pink barn at the end brings back memories. Our chicken barn looked very similar, but with silver (aluminum? tin? not sure...) siding and was double storied and as long as a football field. At one time it held 68,000 chicks...

You are so lucky to have views like this...gorgeous.
I live within a few miles of Barn Country myself (little town in Oh-re-gone), those places where the city doesn't touch. The barns are still standing, though the people are long gone. They're spooky sights, but I hope they stand forever.
That gray sky in the first photo is my favorite gray sky ever. I'm one of the few who gets ecstatically happy when its a perfect gray day.

Thanks for this lovely piece of "pixetry."
grey boards remember!
the trees do too, don't they?

now you have inspired me to go for a nice drive.
no excuse to stay in the house.
another winner! do I see a trend here?