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October 13
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OCTOBER 23, 2012 12:14PM

The Open Salon Hospice is at End

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Open Salon… is it the end? Your pulse is weakening. Your shallow breaths accompany slow molasses-like lethargic lunatic loading times. Lots of errors dominate your final days. Editorial promises, lost in yabadabadoos and ancient computer codes, have gone silent. Your front-page movement has slowed to a death march. It’s terminal — beyond last breath, hopscotch hopes, hula-hoop hoopla and patience. We writers are crying. We Bloggers are boo-hooing.

What’s done is done. What’s determined is detrimental dung. The hallways of what once was are filled with echoes wafting towards nothingness.  To continue the Open Salon charade is copacetic copachang unless the defibrillator is properly powered and administered directly to the heart of the matter. Your hospice is no longer palatable.

Last Rites? Force-fed Spam sandwiches? All that once was is lost as the lights flicker and the door closes, oh the future is coming; the future is rising up. Death comes ripping.  No one makes the headlines.  Forlorn is forever. Say goodbye to yesterday. Your memories will remain in cached pages and dreams. We faithful are tired… . 

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Dear God, you have me in tears. But it is true. My once vibrant band of followers seem to have drifted away. ( Hope its not me....hmmmm). Rate buttons stick...comments are sparse...front page? Same or similar. The blush is gone. I think you are right the patient is dying. It was good while it lasted.
It had to go. Linking thinkers (so few and far inbetween these days) is dangerous. Empowering people who prefer to exist beyond the borders is dangerous. OS linked and Empowered - OS is dangerous.
I ran into the CEO at a recent book launch. She said they are committed to "fixing" the spam problem, (she used to be a techie) but my bet is they don't have the money.

I've got a hard copy back-up to everything on my blog. It seems inconceivable they'd go down without giving "content" providers a warning, but the lack of any real communication from the editors makes me doubt it.

The spammers can chalk this up to a victory. What's most discouraging is knowing there are such people and that such destruction is possible. When I asked the CEO what motivates them she didn't have an answer.
They do seem to have give up on the front page. One more editor ground into catatonia .
Excellent work, jake - disable search; finding people through favorite's list doesn't work - good and loyal bloggers leaving the site with alarming regularity (and all of the above). Please no more "improvements"

The Atari 800 is working just as you wish it to, as you guys hide in the shadows laughing your as*es off at we poor peons.

I have a brillliant plan to save OS.
I am gonna send it to all my loyal followers (all 12 of them)
as soon as i can get into my f-ing pm's.
i only hope that when the death rattle comes,
and we are all standing over the soon-to-be-corpse,
the last gurgling breath will be some sputtering elusive gorgeous
from Art James.
with some cool shakespeare quotes.
"Tis the infirmity of his age: yet he hath ever
but slenderly known himself", said King Lear's daughter.
Adds Edmund:
"Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take
More composition and fierce quality
Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed,

Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops

Got 'tween asleep and wake "
I have full cause of weeping; but this heart
Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws
Or ere I'll weep.
O fool, I shall go mad! said the King, Arthur (Lear) James.
To which he added,
"There thou mightst behold the great image of authority: a dog's obeyed in office. "
So true...such a silly waste. It hurts and infuritates me at the same time. There was no real need to drive this site into the ground. There were preventable and affordable solutions. Now it seems too late.
And Ben Sen, this is NOT the spammers' doing; this is 100% Open Salon. Seriously, do you know ANY other well-known site that is so broken? guess is you can mention none. Because any designer or developer creates a working system to manage something as profilerate as spam. This isn't 1999; there are methods to clean up a site. It's management. Plain and simple. Not even money (because some of the repairs mentioned are affordable.)
Since my brother, who is not a member of Open salon, told me he couldn't access my posts, I've sent all my people an email telling them to read my blog posts on Our Salon. I'll continue to double post until it just gets to be too much of a pain, and I'll read, rate and comment when I can, but I've done my last SPAM Rant... I'm out of gas, and so it ends "not with a bang, but a whimper."
While OS is slow, it always has been, for me. I have always had to copy my posts before posting because they could be bombed out of existence. I wonder if these frequent posts on the demise of OS haven't become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Group think can be quite persuasive, too.
It's a painful process of which to be a part. Personally, I'm still processing everything and the toll that it's taken on enthusiasm to even write.

Moe and Joe have left the building. (insert exasperated sigh here).

Maybe it's me. As soon as I find the party, everyone else leaves. Maybe they do it on purpose to give it the down at the heels feel of a struggling literary magazine. Seriously, it is getting worse: PM is messed, Favorites doesn't work, everything is slowed down, Sugarman is laying low. Too bad. R
awaiting a comment from Jake [?]
Some things got better, but what happened to search? I get "no results" no matter what I'm looking for.
Search has been "broken" for quite a while, but recently I just stopped getting email comment and PM notifications. It was an abrupt change, probably last week.

Chuck, I have to say, I hate to see it go. I've spent hundreds of hours (maybe more) here on OS in the last 4 years (Nov 2). I haven't been around a lot lately and do not miss it. But at it's height, I had some great fucking times. Like Jackson Brown wrote, "Such a fine line, I hate to see it go". You too my man!
Chuck, when Jake last posted ( ) I had hopes "Thursday Notes" might be the beginning of something new ~ like a groundbreaking exercise in communication, between Editor and Contributors ~ it worked for me in that I got my own post restored ... I was suitably grateful.

Maybe "October Notes" might be posted, soon ...
no time for editorial duties.
must bail kerry out.
he in clink for crime
we here in Silk City
just made up
(got an ear in these harsh judges,
cuz i be-reformed criminal)

"Failure of appointed sacred duty"
is the crime.

judge? hardass. set 10G bail.
jake sits outside manchester court house
and tomorrow
they take him on in public defender's office.
jake lost all his money at mohegan.......

tmrw: kerrry out? unless
he made rude comments to hardbitten convicts.
then he be a bleeeding mess.
in that case,
to haynes st. mental health unit!
serious crimes, needing Justice in a law and order town.
cops omni present.
i wink and tip my hat.

Guess we're not alone, we few, we (un)happy few.....we band of hopefuls....
We used to really love this spot. As Beth said, no reason it could not be maintained properly.
Emmerling's 12 disciples won't help.
Beth is right. It's always so easy to blame money.
But the 'tude is what is wrenching the blood right out of it.
Rate did not stick.
@also. aint got no disciples. thank god. i prayed for that!
what? "But the 'tude is what is wrenching the blood right out of it."

the tude. attitude? attitude is persona crap. we are men of the
world , wear personas (attitudes) as we see fit.
this is only lately.
@also. aint got no disciples. thank god. i prayed for that!
what? "But the 'tude is what is wrenching the blood right out of it."

the tude. attitude? attitude is persona crap. we are men of the
world , wear personas (attitudes) as we see fit.
this is only lately.
'nudder one bites the dust.....'
Nice eulogy. I feel like part of the Doomed Patrol. Stay on fighting against an endless horde of spam-selling whores. Btw, is that the location of the servers in the photo? R
VERY well written eulogy. I thought it was just me. I always hope it be like Stella and get it's groove back, but it just won't.
Amazing how the editors go missing. Where do they go?What do they do? Beth Mann has it right. Depressing,tiring, and frustrating.
Much as I always love a great shot of headstones, I use Google Chrome and I do not have any trouble at all. Nothing disappears, no problem posting a rate or two. I do miss Sugarcube though.
Hi Chuck - I still come by to read and until lately, I hadn't even been highly bothered by the functionality issues. This last week has been more painful though. I don't write posts anymore but I do sometimes think about it and would hate if it was not here. If they would just make this place work properly .......
I've been here since the days of AKA Kalvin and Caracalla's Amanuensis (anyone remember those lewd but brilliantly funny writers? OS has always had problems. It's probably the best blog site and format I've ever come across. If only Salon would dedicate just a tad more dollars to making sure it runs properly, simply and elegantly. I've always had my problems with Kerry Lauerman, as I feel he was a bit too apathetic at handling crisis. Blocking spammers requires some plugins, some setting adjustments such as requiring prior approval before posting or commenting which would require some paid staffers at $8 bucks an hour. I don't see what the big deal is. Put a little money into it, hire some people to eliminate the spam, and fix the bugs. You could always ask for donations or have elite accounts for people to pay $1-5 bucks a month and get better services and recognition as being supporters of the site. has similar can play for free on a basic membership, or you can join at different levels and get more features. Hello Kerry...are you listening this time?
No one seems to be listening. I am lucky I got in before the collapse. It is sad but that is life. Nothing lasts forever. That makes every breath more precious. Even in this weak state OS is a jewel and the format has been easy and fun to work with.
When you have to measure time left with time wasted then it doesn't matter if you loved it or not, I have to be able to get this stuff out and I just can't do it on O/S anymore.
Remember when the cover used to change completely every day? That means there were approximately 20 EPs a day, which was quite an incentive for people to write. It made things challenging and exciting. People have complained about things like the Foodie Tuesday open call on specific topics, but we got some great writing out of it.

I'm just glad I was here for a good portion of the glory days. And I'll always be grateful to OS and the opportunity it gave me to gain confidence and "find my voice".
Saw you had posted Chuck, yesterday, tried a few times to read your post and alas.. error messages abound and the load time was huge. So, got through for a moment, just to say it has been fun, most of us post other places too or have our site as you and some do. Take care!
I am rushing about like a Rooster with his Tail cut off.
If You Visit a Church Choir No say You Got Dimples.
The Pleasant Woman think You say` Ay Nice Nipples.

I don't know enough about the technology to feel as certain as you do, but my frustration, I assure you, is no less than your own.

To have mounted such a concerted and sustained attack makes me think it isn't a prank, but funded and legal action is called for as well. It's a business first and it pays to remember that or be sorely disappointed. The numbers at Salon do not show they can afford it, and big daddy is out to lunch.
Yes, at its height we had a great time; most of us have moved on, emotionally and physically exhausted by the abandoned state of O.S. who, in 2012, can't even fix the easily fixable. O.S. reminds me of Detroit, Michigan. It didn't have to become a ghost town but it did. What Beth said. rated. if the rating stuck.
Code 0: FATAL: terminating connection due to administrator command server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request.
Detailed information has been written into the error log.
If they took all that (s)crap paper from the error log and sold it for green reprocessing, they might be able to replace the Atari 800 with something, like, from Radio Shack; and have something leftover to buy jake a snow-cone.
Thanks, Mr. Mustard. You always get it right.
This reminds me of when "The Monkees" hired Bergman to film the video for "Last Train to Clarksville" for their ultimate episode.

It's been swell! ¿Qué no?

I hate to say it but it's damned true. I do not try as much to post because, like today, it took me a looooooooooooong long time to edit my posts and finally get them updated and public. Going from page to page is difficult, sometimes impossible. Three times..THREE times I got an error page after waiting about five minutes for my page to update. Fortunately I had remembered to copy my copy and I ended up with a number of drafts because my "save and reviews" saved them as drafts, an improvement. But not.

Should we go to the new place? Should we save our articles and move? I've been encouraged to go to the "new salon", but I do prefer this place, for heaven knows what reason...maybe because I have an attachment to it -"this place". but it isn't a place at all, is it?

chuck, I just don't know what to do. I do know it's people like you that bring me back, however infrequently. dear chuck. :)
sleeps in the park
shaves in the dark
he's a go getter.

and one of my favorites.
Even I, worrier about ning security issues from dread experience, had a swift peek into Our Salon. It's a pretty spot, and the company's good, but the format doesn't offer the same choices as OS at its best. Wish we could form a cooperative or "autonomous collective," (ala Python & Holy Grail) and put it back on its feet ourselves!
I have been accused of having the patience of a saint and a reputation of hanging in their too long in dysfunctional relationshsips and situations, but I am reluctantly foreced to agree with markinjapan and Beth Mann. It's been a long, slow steady slide and there are no signs on the horizon it's going to get better in the foreseable future. I see no reason to hope.
I haven't been here much recently, but when I do it reminds me of returning to my hometown many years ago after being gone a long time. I didn't recognize the place because I didn't know anyone...
I am drifting in and out of my once proud and noble place, WE WILL SURVIV.....~connection lost~
I still prefer OS to Our Salon for reasons stated by Zanelle:
"OS is a jewel and the format has been easy and fun to work with."
January 9, 2013 marks the beginning of my fourth year on OS.
This morning I am laying out my winter clothes.
I may be relocating to the West coast via rail someday soon.
Let's keep in touch.

Hmmm...maybe I'm late in catching on. My most recent post received NO comments. The previous two just a couple. I was invited to the "Orphans of OS" FaceBook Group but decided not to stay because it seemed to be no more than a forum for nasty trolls. What's "Our Salon?" Is that related to FaceBook? (I bloody well hate FaceBook.) I'm not having any trouble accessing the posts of people on my favorites list but everything else here does seem to be creeping at snail's pace. I'm a somewhat published "regular" writer under my real name but have liked the freedom and community found on OS, with my pseudonymous blog. I'll miss it if it really, truly dies.
Depressing, but life goes on. I think some intelligent thinking by the OS powers that be would in order. I just started OS in July, 2012. I love it, despite the frequent frustrations of non-access and search, etc.
Seer writes: " . . . I've seen very little spam on it . . . "

Yes, you don't see much spam on the cover. The only time you see spam on the cover is when the spammers take the time to rate and view their own posts.

The cover was redesigned a while ago, I assume with the intention of concealing the spam. This is why we no longer have "activity" or "new post" queues. If you look under "most recent" queue that is where you will see the spam.

But even the Most Recent list doesn't display all the spam posts. This is because a typical spammer can create spam posts so fast that they can't all be listed in the queue. It is not uncommon to see spammers who publish over 900 spam posts per day for each account that they are running. A single spammer running five accounts can produce close to 5,000 spam posts per day.

I don't know how much spam is produced every day. Surely it is in the many thousands, perhaps 20,000 or more. Looked at a different way, probably over 99 percent of posts on Open Salon are spam. It's just that you don't see them.

This is why I always say that OS is not a blog site with a spam problem; it is a spam site that also permits blogs.

Most of the time it feels like OS management has abandoned the site. We still talk about "Jacob" the editor. Frankly, I don't know if he still works for Salon. In the midst of the Great Spam Outbreak we haven't seen hide nor hair of him for three weeks. Maybe we should send a search party.