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Chuck A. Stetson
October 13
she who knows knows and loves me — i am a happy man.


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OCTOBER 31, 2014 5:54PM

prior to pie


IMG_1068-3 copy 3




                                                     after the harvest ... Read full post »

FEBRUARY 21, 2013 3:56AM

Tink Visits Open Salon...

every day
every other day
same as the same old 
in a far away secret location
found in the lost and found 
what is is what was to be
more or less
more of the same 
breaking news
broken minds… Read full post »
JANUARY 11, 2013 3:10AM

Gerard Depardieu and Mr. Moose

440px-Moose_superiorOutside my office I heard crunching snow. Concerned about a possible rogue moose spotted looting recycling barrels in the neighborhood, I stepped out, looked in the midnight sky where the north star looked back like an elephant's eye, and all that I knew was the hole in my shoe

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Listen Mr. Truth, hey hey, tell it like it is, fly away Thursdays and Saturdays except when you forge a stream singing a song with the ruby-throated sparrow. Change my life, make it

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OCTOBER 25, 2012 11:08AM

Ode to Bloggers Departed


hok3 copy 



Is this goodbye
to pages filled with thought, emotion 
friendly banter back and forth
a final sun setting on the avatars and adsRead full post »
OCTOBER 23, 2012 12:14PM

The Open Salon Hospice is at End

Open Salon… is it the end? Your pulse is weakening. Your shallow breaths accompany slow molasses-like lethargic lunatic loading times. Lots of errors dominate your final days. Editorial promises, lost in yabadabadoos and ancient computer codes, have gone silent. Your front-page movemen… Read full post »
JULY 12, 2012 4:04PM

No one Rests

On a hill overlooking life, death rests beneath granite chess pieces reaching towards the arresting sky. Amongst the graves you stop to catch your breath; for just a moment never yours, all was new. The graveyard, the graveyard, full of light, dirt, grass and shadows remind us asRead full post »
JUNE 5, 2012 5:08PM

Crazy Crazy Blackbird

  Broken Wing
in the dead of night
                        crazy blackbird faking flight
turning left, turning right
MAY 21, 2012 4:16PM

Forget About Ohio

os 11 

refocus the camera
on the old theatre
now showing holy rollers
and immigrant Pentecostals
fashionably dressed repentants

os 8 
Somewhere in the hills North Dakota by way of Manhatten or maybe Trenton goes the one who suceeded the one who was the one only by way of number two. It's fair to speculate and spectate that the first part of the party of… Read full post »
MAY 17, 2012 3:38PM

Breaking News from OS and Beyond

from the super secret OS office :
os 2 
Editorial purblindness whilst pursuing puréed purgation extends beyond beamish bison breakdancing routines or facsmilies of the facade ...… Read full post »
MAY 3, 2012 9:32PM

Too Quiet ...

... whomever is whoing us with them and those thought to be thinking thoughts along the lines of circles and circus' ... 
MAY 1, 2012 4:44PM

I Can See For Miles and Miles

 what I see is what I see is what you see or what ...?
OCTOBER 26, 2011 4:42PM

There comes a time In Tall trees

cinnamon_canaryOutside my window, the chestnut brown canary laughed as the ruby throated sparrow cried. I asked why. The chestnut brown sparrow appeared through autumn-faded maple leaves. "On the expressway to nothing is far too crowded," he said.

I thought nothing of this canary's ability to speak.

"LetRead full post »

OCTOBER 17, 2011 2:46PM

Monday Monday Someday Sunday Afternoon

Standing Ovation

at the opera
a once upon a time home
to big-titty strippers
selling Amway to repentant… Read full post »
OCTOBER 13, 2011 7:48AM

October 13 and I wish ...

Today is October 13
I was born October 13, 1954
I feel like I've died October 13, 2011
God help me ...  Read full post »
OCTOBER 12, 2011 2:31PM

the Implosion begins

You Figure It Out

Some day you'll know I was the one
But tomorrow may rain,
so I'll follow the sun …

nothing i can say
nothing that i do
it's over
she's gone
her heart and soul
perhaps never given
who am i… Read full post »

Inner Child

my inner child
wants to climb 
out of his playpen
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Is that a boat on the reef weighted down with stone?  I can't tell with this spell on me. Must be a joke, and I know it very well. Take my word, I'm a madman don't you know. The haze I've been wandering in blinded me. At times I reallyRead full post »

Singing To Myself

your hot cold fever
cool cool sweat
in a hip way
runs up in my mind… Read full post »
JULY 27, 2011 1:37PM

Rhythm of Love

 Holding You

a melody's surfing
in my head
but what key?… Read full post »

West of North Main Street

the tree of life
took root in cement
before the Irish hippie jigged… Read full post »
JUNE 22, 2011 4:18PM

Even a Loser wins Sometimes

 How long 

Excuse me Blues quit hanging out beside me. Stop playing your sad groove on my heartstrings — your heaviness in a flat key. I'm not going to sing your morning song. I'm no longer in your choir. There's nothing for you in me.

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 Remember to breathe


Sometimes trouble wants to be your friend. Look to the left, look to the right, stare straight ahead, oops, you didn't look behind your back. And so it goes.


Just might get some sleep tonight


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she's some kind 
     of wonderful
takes me to the stars