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APRIL 20, 2010 8:34AM

Out There...

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Somewhere in Utah


There’s magic out there.


Sometimes you find it in a national park. Often you can get it in the wilderness. Maybe you can find it in a little out-of-the-way state or county park.


You catch glimpses of it at first. A big cat track on a narrow goat path on a high eroding badland. The unexpected sight of water in an arid landscape. A little boy crying “leee-zard” with joy. The sensuous curve of smooth slickrock against a crystal blue sky. The rumble of a thunderstorm and the sudden appearance of dark clouds above a high rim.


Mostly, though, you find it at the end of the day. Half-exhausted, half-lost, sticky with dried sweat, muscles aching, feet burning, map gone, not sure how long back to camp…The time of day when the red dust pixie light seems to stick on everything and transforms the ordinary into the glorious. It’s the moment between day and night: every else and everything is possible.


There’s magic out there.


Whether you believe in the Supreme Being, supernatural spirits or the transcendental enlightenment of “being one with nature…” Or whether you’re simple awed by the power of your own thigh muscles and the possibilities of each next bend in the trail…


There’s magic out there.


Lace up your boots. Fill your canteen. And go find it.


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