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MARCH 4, 2012 12:42PM

Looking for a Way Out...

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Another week has blown by. I know this by the fact that this is the day my hubby and I do our weekly trip to the big city to haunt the book stores, try to find a movie that looks appealing, starts at the right time of day, and generally get our civilized bearings once again. Only I don’t feel so civilized even after our weekly trip to town. The thing is I’m struggling here.

I thought I’d enjoy this mountain retreat being holed up in this cabin at the bottom of a West Virginia holler where you need a 4-wheel drive to get in or out. And some days I do. I love the silence, the fact that the phone never rings, there’s no tv and the radio is iffy. It’s me and my faithful computer. Thank god for internet. I sit here in my mountain of books and notes and cups of tea. A writer’s dream life, right?

Anyway, all this being said, having blithely tossed out my rather facile post on the notion of grace versus enlightenment, I must follow up with some discussion. So I have made a plan to break things down a bit and try to put up something once a week anyway. What follows will be the first of a four part series I intend to write over the next few weeks on the nature of spiritual practice as I’ve come to understand it. To be continued, the force be with me....

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Lots of people find that their ideal surroundings don't work out so well in practice.

I live in solitude in the country - but I have all the media, and I can blithely drive out and to town any time I want.
Solitude is best when one can choose when to enter or leave. Daily I learn how to work with this gift I've been given. Thanks for comment. . It's all good.