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DECEMBER 2, 2010 10:47AM

Poker Losses and Writing Wins

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There is some connection between losing at poker and getting good news in my writing life that I don't understand, but am not questioning. I lost $7 Monday night - and found out today that the first (or first that I know of, anyway) giveaway of advance copies of The Four Ms. Bradwells has just gone up on Goodreads. Yikes! I barely have anything about it on my author website yet. My friends at Ballantine are definitely busy.

It's hard to say why this is so exciting to me. Copies of the book went out to booksellers and reviewers in October; I'm already getting great responses. And yes, booksellers and reviewers are real readers. Yet there is nothing quite like readers who are unconnected to the business, who read for pure pleasure and nothing else, raising their hands to say they'd like to read my books.

For my part, I've got my head buried in writing the next novel. I had a great writing day yesterday: 1,000 words before breakfast, 2,000 before noon - and the last of the three narrator voices fell into place, too. (Like I said, I lost $7 at poker!)  That left me the afternoon to go through pass pages for the paperback of The Language of Light, and to brainstorm ideas for a piece I've been asked to pitch for a major women's magazine. I would tell you which one, but that would certainly jinx me. And having lost at poker this week, things could continue to go well in my writing life if I'm careful not to jinx myself.  - Meg

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