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APRIL 8, 2011 2:11AM

Behind the Wheel of the Budget Crash

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There is a important ellipse in every story about the budgetary stand off. Reminds me of the hard lesson I learned in my one  experience with the legal justice system. The two relevant lessons were, one,  justice is supposed result from the face off of two wrongs rather the pursuit of what’s right. Congress works like the justice system, pitting two contrasting forces against on another with out acheivement of "right" as the stated intention. The goal is not to seek a happy medium, or a balanced compromise, but to crush one’s opponent, cripple their position and come out of the battle with fewer wounds than the other guy, like gladiators in the ring. Republican representatives are treating this budget crisis like very hungry lions treated Christians in the day,  in a to the death battle, but the victims are not their political opponents but us.
Also, my one time court experience taught me, that the only truly important information is not not admissible in a court of law. In my trial, the pain and suffering clause was my only hope of recuperating the losses I incurred in being forced to take my case to trial. I only wanted to recuperate for my losses, medical expenses and lost wages, but the real losses began to accumulate when I was forced to go to court, to miss work due to lengthy depositions, to be out a pile of cash and to be forced to go into debt to pay the medical bills, stressed out by collectors and risk credit fraud because a public bus ran me off the road, sent me to the hospital and then refused responsibility. No mention of this pain and suffering was admissible.

In this case the republican congress is like that bus.  The republican congress members past and present were at the scene of the accident. It was their irresponsible driving that got us in to this situation. It the loss of control of the budget and over spending under four republican administrations that sent us down this ever deepening spiral of debt.  The immediate reversal of fortunes from Clinton’s record surpluses to record deficits in the Bush years is on their conscience.  The  egregious aftermath of deregulation In the hands of irresponsible, greedy bankers, and bankrollers of the republican congress,  is the direct and obvious cause of the unbelievable debt that this congress is now in such a hurry to disown.

Like in my frustrating court battle, the true culprit of the pain and suffering of this costly debt remains unnamed. Our president seems to be on a high road, which I appreciate in theory, but something has to be done here. Innocents are paying and the guilty are complaining while getting off scott-free. Republicans are now decrying the cost of the debt, seeking to  make the weakest members of our society sacrifice dearly for its reduction when moments ago these same republicans or their predecessors were voting to throw caution to the wind; to enter a pointless and endless war, to cut taxes on the people hoarding the benefits of government interventions and corporate welfare to irresponsibly spend now and pay later. They were very clearly at the wheel when it happened. We watched as they squandered our tax dollars and now they are not taking any responsibility for it. None. And they apparently have no compunction about pointing at others.

Worst of all, there doesn’t seem to be one news agency with the independence or  strength to poing this out, to hold up this particular mirror. There is a national policy of “don’t mention it.”

Why not?  Is reality somehow inadmissible in this debate. I ask again, why?

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