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OCTOBER 24, 2008 1:43AM

Temporary guest at Che' Mer

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On Tuesday I looked out in my backyard to find our two dogs playing with a beautiful Pit Bull boy. I was a bit surprised, to say the least.




He seems to be full grown, but still puppy-ish in behavior, so maybe a couple years old? He's got a collar but no tags. He's a gorgeous dog, very sweet, knows "sit," and is not dog aggressive (at least not with the Abbinator, or Collin the Wonder Aussie).

I had no idea how he got there. I took pictures, gave him food and water, and left for work.

When we got home, he was gone. We were very confused--did someone just drop him off for doggy day care for the day? Hm.

He showed up again today (Thursday) in our neighbor's yard, where their pit bull tried to attack him (fortunately she was on her lead at the time and couldn't reach him). We talked to the neighbor and found out he's been jumping fences into and out of the 3 properties that share our fenceline, including into the horse pasture next door to us, since at least Sunday.

Well. That last part was self-evident, because lemme tell you, that boy STANK. He had clearly been rolling in all kinds of horse poop (what is it with me and dogs and poop lately?!).


My husband took him around the neighborhood today, trying to find an owner. Several people told him that he'd been seen around the area for at least a year, and no one knows who he belongs to. And it appears that he is probably cat aggressive, because he tried to jump out of the truck to attack a neighbor's cat during the tour.

Normally we would just find a home for him as we've done with about 15 other strays over the years, but I worry about doing that with a Pit. Like Chows, people who want Pits frequently don't want them for reasons that are good for the dog. I would feel much better if an organization that is used to working with Pits and knows how to screen for bad Pit owners (e.g. someone who wants to fight him) would find him a home.

Well, it's good in theory. I've tried the 3 Pit rescue organizations I've been able to identify in the area, and they're all full. Our office manager went to the pound the other day, looking for a companion for her dog, and she said all but two of the dogs were Pits. So I'm not about to take this pretty boy down there, it's too likely he'd end up getting put down. And I just can't stand that prospect for any animal I've taken in.

When I got home tonight, we gave him a bath. He was very very good, kept giving me kisses, and now smells much much better. So, Max (his temporary name--he needs a good strong american name) is now living temporarily in Abby's pen. He's eaten 5 cups of food today, which is great, since he could stand to gain about 10 pounds.




He's becoming less frightened of my husband, his reaction makes us suspect that he got beat by a "man." And he's spent the evening boofing and whimpering at the cats--we're not sure if he wants to eat them, or play with them!

 So, say hello to Max. And if any of you know anyone in the Pacific Northwest who would make a good Pit Bull papa or mama, please PLEASE let them know about him.

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Hi, Mer. You're a better person than I, for sure. I could be accused of anti-Pit-ism. I treat them cordially, but a little like nitroglycerin. Worried they could go off at any time.

Good on you for looking after this poor dog, and I hope you find a good home for him!
He's a gorgeous dog and his stance in the pictures suggests that he's not aggressive. Good luck on finding a home for him. Blessings to you for taking him in and caring for him until he finds a home.
The problem with Pits just breaks my heart. I've seen too many problems with them and I think the time has come that at the least you should have to register them. I also think it may be time to stop allowing people to purchase them. If you have puppies and want to give them away for free, fine. In other words, there needs to be a lot fewer Pits because there are not enough decent homes for them.

You are a family of Saints (the winning kind, not our beloved New Orleans kind) and I thank you for your rescues over the years. We've done a few ourselves. Always seems like the same people do it over and over while other people just watch the hungry dog roam the neighborhood for a year. Shame on them.
You didn't mention that you'd done this, so just a suggestion that you take him to a vet's office to see if he's wearing a microchip. All vet's should have a scanner.

He's a beautiful boy.
My family takes in strays as well. The philosophy being that is is just one more mouth. He is very handsome.

You're a stop on the homeless doggie highway--so are we! The dogs know where the soft hearts and moist food are, and they find us. He is a handsome dog, and I hope he finds a worthy owner.
If you have him scanned for a microchip, be sure they scan around his entire neck. Sasha's microchip has migrated down to her breastbone in front, 3 to 6 inches below her collar. I need to have a new one put in. Good luck! (Paws up)
It sounds like he's surviving on his own. Dogs are one of the few species that can get by on charm. They rarekly go hungry. Even being a stray is better than going to the pound, which is basically Auschwitz for pets.
Aw, he's a handsome sweetie. His eyes just say "love me"
AF, I think if you keep him, you will find he is loyal and unflinching in his affection for you. He's very handsome, and agree with Dog Woman, have his neck scanned for a chip. there may be a heart broken family out there somewhere.

BTW look at Ceasar's pit bull, "Daddy"
He is one of the best dog mentors yet!!
I beg your pardon, I meant "Merwoman"
More "senior moments" are happening,..and there is still so much to do!........What did I just say?