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OCTOBER 1, 2011 1:19PM

Becoming Whole

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self portrait 9_1_2011

I’d forgotten

that once I was happy

once I smiled radiantly

like sun sparkling on a pond


I have memories

of childhood laughter

on warm sunny days

filled with carefree fun


change and circumstances

beyond my control

altered my world

dimmed my light


convincing me

that I was

no longer happy

silencing my laughter


through hard work

and the desire to be whole

I’m remembering

that I once knew happiness


I close my eyes

daily and remember

who I was

and how I was


this simple meditation

is restoring my sense of self

healing my wounds

making me whole

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Very hopeful. The older I get and the more I am beat up by my choices in life the further those memories of happiness become. I will try harder to remember and make it real again. Thank you.
As I stumble through my sixth decade, I find that memories of a younger me tend to ease my fears of the future me. I enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing it with us.
Mary, this is lovely, and if you ask me, it is the very path that will heal you. I had a bad illness for a number of years, and it was those very same things that healed me - the laughter and grand love of my family, my life growing up, my childhood laughter. Keep the smile, the radiance is already there; your work shows it. R, darlin'!
Wonderful poem,
making me wonder where I lost that little girl
and all the fun she used to have.
rated with love
Thank you for these words today. Becoming whole ... the greatest gift, perhaps, of all. Sometimes we find it on our own. Sometimes another helps us find our way.
Daily remembrance--almost like praying. Yes, that is the way to recapture the laughter, the abracadabra of before and back thenand once, the laughter and happiness without which we are fading echoes. Lovely poem, M.C., both for what it is and what it says.
yeah i am remembering childhood innocence too.
i am not so mellow & together as this fine meditative piece
portrays you.

i am damn mad my innocence was sold down the river
by, um, river sharks out for a quick buck
whose hedonistic pleasures are bought
the price of convincing children to
'join the rea l world '
and laugh only when they tell you to,

like at a fart joke or something similarly vulgar.

innocence needs protecting to grow through experience to...
As beautiful as the watercolor above it...I am glad that you are healing.
So very lovely. So very hopeful and true.
Wonderful! A bit too close to home. As they take parts of me I must push to remember the joy that I too am fighting to regain.
Thank you.
The full range of emotions makes us truly whole. Thoughtful poem.
Hello Everyone

I’m overwhelmed with all the wonderful comments, so many new faces and encouraging, words. Thank you for taking the time to drop in and being so kind. May we all reconnect with our inner child and restore our sense of hope and wonder.

Be well and thank you,
This was a fantastic poem, Mary. I'm going back to read it again. Sadly, it brings out thoughts of the fact that all childhoods were not happy, so sometimes instead of remembering "who I was" we remember "who I can be".