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APRIL 16, 2012 7:44AM

Dark Stormy Night

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  image by Liz Corbett



Dark stormy night

wind howls and moans

trees bend low

words not heard

carried away in the gusts


Dark stormy night

partial moon shrouded by mist

emits a ghostly pallor

covering the landscape

eerie light touches all


Dark stormy nights

rain falling in a slant

heavy and loud

followed by clashes of thunder

white hot flashes of light


Dark stormy night

a figure watches

from the window

in total silence

sleepless night


Dark stormy night

exhausts its self

all is quiet at sunrise

even the birds are silent

morning light brings peace





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How many times have I stood at the window watching the silent night trying to convince myself that all is OK?

Lovely poetry.
As I've come to expect, you absolutely nailed it. Saw myself looking out that window.