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December 19
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APRIL 29, 2012 9:45AM

Turn Over

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Early morning drive

through the country side

extra large latté fragrant

and hot rests

in its holder


The two lane road coils deeper

into the rural scene ahead

freshly tilled ground rich

and black a common

sight in spring


Turned earth reminds one

of newly filled graves

are the dead separate

from those left living, perhaps not

each has a foot in the unknown


Both cannot tell

the dead are out of sight

those still living are getting by

and the tilled earth

tells no secrets




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Whoa. This one blew me away. The third stanza especially shakes the earth around me. Incredibly contemplated and crafted. R
I agree with Michelle Coulter. Very striking. r
Very insightful to the unknown and one's perception of it. So well put and with such stark feeelings.
Yes... but only when
your time has come
does earth
relinquish the soul
to sum.
Mmm! .. I got an incredible sense of calm from this. The sight of the countryside, the cool breeze into the window, the smell of the latte, wending, wending, amid the scent of that new earth. Whoosh. Nice work, to transport me there, thanks! R.
Each has a foot in the unknown; I've often thought about that. This is a beautiful and moving piece, Mary; thanks.