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December 19
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JUNE 1, 2012 9:57PM

Hint of Summer

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photo_3_June 01_12

                                                    acrylic on canvas MCS


Early evening breeze

stirs the petals

scent once hidden


Deep within greens

a flower blooms white

its name unknown to me


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Such a hint ... thank you ...
It's sweetness in the air.
Love the painting, and the gentleness of your words.
Oh that painting is just gorgeous! Delicate. Ethereal.

What a lovely talent you have, M. You have my deepest admiration.
So lovely. Thank you for this brief respite.
It sure passes the smell test dear!!
Oh Mary, the words and the painting...I can't stop reading and looking. So beautiful. Please consider not painting over it...
Anna1liese thank you for reading and commenting

Cathy GF thanks for the sweet words

John you’re always kind thank you

Little Kate thanks you’re very kind

Poor Woman I’m glad you like, thanks for visiting

Mission your words made me smile, thank you

Liz I promise I’ll not paint over the canvases again
"Paint over it"? No, No. It's gorgeous. Adn I love the line deep within greens" This is beautiful Mary.
Damn you paint well... so many flowers and birds with names I do not know.
Totally refreshed. The petals throwing off the scent - I loved that. /R
"Deep within greens"

Nice :)