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December 19
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MAY 26, 2012 11:53AM

Silent Meander

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I’m tired of all those

with well meaning words

empty words in a language

I don’t understand


I spend so much alone time

for I enjoy the silence

the absence of meaningless words

a void I enjoy


Daily I make my way

through the woods at sunrise

this spot of wilderness is wordless

I see it as an unwritten page


Today I came across tiny prints

on the trail before me

these imprints a language I do understand

one without worthless hollow words




image courtesy of Google


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I do despise the "noise" and try my best not to add to it. Wonderful post.
I know well how you feel about empty words, and the love of wordless communication...
Oh yes to peace and quiet, no more pretending to give a damn when your too tired to care anymore....I would so enjoy this place of beauty.
Thoreau once wrote that there was plenty of company in his house in the mornings,, especially when no one was there but himself. I enjoy the solitude as well.
A lovely treat, your poem.