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December 19
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JULY 10, 2012 10:03AM

Small Gifts

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 Billowing clouds

over a vibrant marsh

teeming with life


Paddling silently

absorbed in a loon’s call

just being


Sudden gust

of warm air

stirs the hairs on cattails



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I've been there and watched the water explode as a musky found its dinner.
Been a long time since I was out on the bayou.
The entire poem was like a breath of fresh air.
just being.
sounds easy when you say it.
try to do it, or, god help you, try to write it out,
is not easy, but
you make it
John and Jmac I’m glad you both know the feeling of being out in the water
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Marlene I’m glad you enjoyed it

James I struggle with being in the now too but I keep trying
Thanks for dropping in
Nice work MCS
have added you to my favs.
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