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JULY 23, 2012 7:51PM

IP #14 ~ Blessing

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Radiant child

the gods blessed me

and I fell in love with you


Sunlight kisses your tiny head

the sight of you

swells my heart


You were entrusted to me

to cherish and love

with every fiber of my being




coloured pencils on rag paper MCS, July 01, 1985, RFS at 3 wks








The rules: 

1. Write a poem, in any form, about the day or the moment a new member of your family arrived.

2. The new member of your family may be your first born, a grand child, a daughter-in-law,  a pet ….any being.

3 More often than not, welcoming a new addition to a family is a joyous occasion.  But, sometimes there is sadness too.   How did you feel? What thoughts swam in your head? Perhaps you've waited to welcome a baby into your family for a long time but it hasn't yet happened.

4. That is it … just a poem of your true feelings and thoughts of the day, or moment, or even the day that you anticipate, when you welcome a new member of your family.  Please use Iron Poet No 14 in your tag line.

I don't want to miss reading you so I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a PM too! I want to be sure to include you in The Family Anthology which I'll post in a couple of weeks!






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Precious is the gift of a child.
Beautiful is the heart of a mother.
Blessed is family.

M, your words and your drawing are exquisite.

Thank you for taking on this Challenge. I am so glad you did.
Pure love is evident in the totality of this Blessing. Brava. Great Piece.tg
So lovely. Wonderful, short, quiet.
glowing, dreaming ~

such a subtle touch to your hand ~
I've read we're hard wired for this sort of thing, but when it feels this good who cares.
"entrusted" she was ..... and what a trust He grants us!

Very very well done!.