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December 19
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NOVEMBER 3, 2012 12:15PM

Death by LOTS OF ERRORS…..

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Signing into OS is as exciting as watching molasses during a cold snap



I’ll be happy not to see this message again




 Or this one






OS asks BEAR with us………..






To all my readers thank you for reading and commenting on my work it was greatly appreciated.  The year and a half spent at OS was very enjoyable its why it sadness me to see the site falling apart.


Please visit me at: http://oursalon.ning.com/profile/MCSears#.UJU6ZGdR3ms







Images one and four courtesy of Google








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Another convert! See you there, dearie!
Another convert! See you there, dearie!
Could not get the rate to work!
Another convert! See you there, dearie!
Could not get the rate to work!
We go visit Poor Woman?
I am Lost. Kerry Found?
Jake Save Wretch Too?
Jake/Clod act a` Devil!
Thanks. Convert `me.
I buy a`Poor Woman.
I mean ` a `Ice Cream.

Eat ice cream fast.
It melt like bee wax.
Eat while at Hearth.
Enjoy before it Melt.
Bear Loves Honey.
Sip Beer with Bear.
It's Total Absurdity.

I Believe You Saved.
No Bet We All Lost.
Nature Open Eyes.
Ear-Wax. O Moon.
No Be Too Goofy.
I know your you feel, having seen these messages more than I'd like in the past couple of weeks. I keep telling myself that all will be well because Jacob is on the case, but there's a limit to everything.

I've taken out an Our Salon userid but haven't posted anything there yet. One concern I have for the longer term is that Open has Salon as a feeder system. Our Salon will rely solely on word of mouth, so to speak.
I'm still posting at both sites but heaven knows for how much longer... WTF indeedy do!!??
Ill see you on Our Salon. I am so amazed when I go there and it actually works at warp speed. Life is full of beginnings and endings. New journeys and new places. I'm thankful to have found you and your poems and paintings here. Our Salon is a great site.