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December 19
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NOVEMBER 11, 2012 3:46PM


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She spoke no words

however her mouth

was full of unspoken sounds


She entered the studio

with no memory

crossing her eyes


Silence she wore

like a cloak

to keep all at bay


Was all this silence

by choice

or was it forced upon her


Her eyes

spoke volumes yet she kept

them downcast


As it grew dark outside

she relaxed did she find comfort

in the long nights


Or did the walls

crowd in on her

and draw her ghosts forward


Did she find solace in the company

of those now gone

or were they out of her reach


I hoped to study her

but she sat away from me

the line of her back told a tale


How she carries the weight

of the world upon her shoulders

she does her time in silence


Her breathing tells a story

of deeply buried sorrow

and untold grief


We will never know her story

for she sits in silence

her eyes lowered 



acrylic on canvas M.C.S.,'86




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This is beautiful. And reminds me so much of my grandmother. (and probably a lot of people out there who choose to keep it inside and go it alone.)