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December 19
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NOVEMBER 13, 2012 6:23PM


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There is no time in dreams

only silence and stillness

and so often coldness


Dreams roll slowly forward

like a sluggish moving cloud

dark and imposing


As we dream

the tapestry of our lives

become clear, in time understood


Riding this wave of remembering

we at times feel tiny and helpless

as we stand our post, strength is gained


Pushing past the boundaries

of our comfort zones

we experience freedom


Facing our demons

slaying our dragons

we grow in knowledge and strength


In time our dream worlds

become filled with light

and the sounds of joy


Forever in the world of dreams

we become whole

and comfortable in our skins


Because we’ve mastered

the darkness, the coldness

and no longer do we fear silence





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Mastering the darkness- yes! Wonderful poem, too. The rhythm of it is like a pulse, and the images are spot on.
So dreams are the roads to a more complete and fulfilled self?
Maureen thank you for your kind words.
I don’t know JD; however I do feel that in our dreams are we free; the rest of the time we require wages.
"Dreams are the illustrations from the book your soul is writing." Or something like that is the quote! : )