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December 19
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NOVEMBER 18, 2012 9:19AM

Patchwork of Thought

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Following a morning

of raking leaves


I’m reminded

of late summer’s heat


And how still the garden

is during the evening hours


I also recall the heat

and the beauty of mid day


The fragrance of the garden

greets me as travel the gravel path


Now my surroundings are at rest

awaiting the first snow fall


But my memories will carry me

through what seems an endless winter


And I’ll do my best to bring that world

back to life in the time spent in the studio


Brilliant colours will trigger memories

that will grace me with fragrance and warmth


I’ll see deep into my memories

and through the branches of recollection


The light will spread across my thoughts

and help await the coming of spring




acrylic on canvas M.C.S. ‘12



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Yea! Wonderful. I love that the recollection of the season past keeps you moving on to the next. /R
[r] lovely mood piece. best, libby
Beautiful....our memories of summer will get us through the winter. I'll look forward to seeing your memories come to life in your art.