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December 19
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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 6:16PM

Unspoken, Unwritten

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Inside me


hide words


that I’ve


never spoken


or written


I think


of them


and wish


to share


but I’m


not strong




to spill




so they


lurk in


the dark


that has


become me


these words


keep me


awake and


restless and


doubting all


left unspoken


and unwritten


these words


are branded


into my


soul which


bleeds with


each mark


my silence


has become


my prison


of my


own making


so I


do time


hoarding my


unshared words



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Mary, the format so perfectly compliments the words.
Here, as with your 'Decline Of Spirit', I se more excellent work. My take on this piece is this; The words are aranged in a certain rhythm, that rhythm being the ryhytm of the snake; the outer appearance; that of a snake; the 'silence' of the speaker is loaded with tension because the speaker does not wish to remain 'silent'; the speaker wishes to be 'free' and speak; the unspoken stealth, the undeclared, intangible intentions the snake shape somehow keeps the speaker from speaking, against the speaker's will; perhaps the snake is an outside force, such as some third world government censorship; perhaps the snake is inside the speaker's own soul; some sort of repression; who knows.

Anyway, great post, and food for thought here! Excellent!
I have hidden words too. There are things I can put in words just for me but I cannot share them. I even made a little stucco mailbox where there is a slot for notes but no way to get them out again. I put a few notes in there. It is my secret place. Also there is an old stump in the park here where they have such a slot and a poetry /writing group takes them out and reads them once a month.
I'm not sure if I would subscribe to 'secret' anything, Zanelle. Not even secret 'comments' boxes. I remember a few years back, I was in the Salvation Army, looking at the books, when the manager walked past, somehow, we got into a discussion about the comments box that sat near the cash register; she said that I wouldn't want to see most of the comments people left in it...sad stuff...very sad stuff...

To my mind 'secret' writings are as fun as 'secret' farts; I want to no who the author is.
I think the 'no' I wrote wasn't the 'know' i meant. Freudian slip, maybe?
Haunting and all too familiar. I wish you comfort and peace, and can profoundly relate to how heavily the Unspoken and Unwritten can weigh....Rated with admiration for your courage.