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December 19
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FEBRUARY 10, 2013 9:24AM


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Under a pale sky

one waits

with years

of words

locked up tight

so deep inside

the depth

of an abyss

this immortal soul

roams aimless

most often

unseen or heard

having traveled

across many miles

unseen as stars

at midday

with silent lips

and down

cast eyes

standing at

the shore

hearing the

whisper of water

the sound

like echoes

that descend

as a flock

of swallows

calling out

not in words

but feelings

that run

together like

echoes across

a valley

of rock

vibrating with

energy that

cannot be

understood by

the one with

a heavy heart

the mind is clear

the eyes have

seen too much

the lips

have not

moved in

what seems

a millennium 

having lost everything

even the promise

of heaven

the soul

walks into

the sea

wishing for

a baptism

that will

wash away

everything even

the prospect

of a resurrection

for this soul

wishes to be

no more


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