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M. C. S.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 19
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FEBRUARY 11, 2013 8:56AM


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      Standing at the shore        

waiting for words

at times I only

hear whispers

mostly sighs

in hushed exhales

they seem so far

a breeze from

across the sea

echoes of everything

ever spoken

stirred into a ribbon

that drifts

past me





~ acrylic on canvas M.C.S.






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poetry, painting

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The pairing of your words and your painting is simply breathtaking. R
everything ever spoken.....seems it is all out there. amazing work thank you!
"hushed exhales" describes it so perfectly. Gorgeous painting (is that the CN Tower I see in the distance) :)
If the ribbon had a sticky patch, there'd be a user's manual. (r)
[r] hear me exhaling with respect and wistfulness! great poem. best, libby
MCS, sometimes I long for silence...when words have nothing to say, which is certainly not the case with your writing...I think the excellence of poetry is that is says feelings more then ideas and meanings. Good to read you again.
2/11/13 was to have been my father's 79th birthday. He passed on 1/11/13 and we returned to visit together as family by his graveside for the first time on his birthday. We were all sailors and have spent our lives on the water, so between the date, the words, and the painting... I can barely leave your page this evening.