MAY 16, 2009 11:11PM

Say It!

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Melissa: I was in the middle of typing when you moved me.

Michael: I didn’t move you, Melissa.

Melissa: You moved my cursor.

Michael: I know, but I wanted to change the “MLM”s and “MSM”s into “Michael”s and “Melissa”s.

Melissa: Isn’t that just going to add a bunch of letters?

Michael: No, it’s going to make it easier for people to know who’s saying what.

Melissa: I suppose.

Michael: What are we going to write about this time? Or did we finish writing about sodey?

Melissa: You mean writing about writing about sodey?

Michael: Right. Sorry.

Melissa: Uh-oh.

Michael: I’m gonna go check on the birdies again. . . .

     Okay, what’ve we got now?

     Write “I have to indicate time passing.”

Melissa: I have to indicate time passing. But we got rid of what I was referring to.

Michael: Get rid of “(points at ellipses)”.

Melissa: Okay, fine.

Michael: This is becoming silly. Is this what we started out to do?

     Say it.

Melissa: Say what?!

Michael: You can’t put that. It’s misleading.

     Undo, please.


     These are not that interesting. Undo.

Melissa: Oh, I keep not realizing what you mean when you’re saying, “Say it!”

Michael: I know! I just mean don’t type while you’re saying it so that it will come out as naturally as possible.

     You’re gonna have to put this on another MSM.

Melissa: I’m not sure what you mean.

Michael: What you did just now. You copied and pasted “MLM” and “MSM” and that’s what I mean.

Melissa: Oh.

Michael: Make a zillion of them.

     You can’t talk about something that comes out of nowhere.

     These need to be converted over.

Melissa: We’ll do that later.

Michael: Don’t—okay.

     Now, say it!

Melissa: I have to remember what we’re talking about.

Michael: That’s fine. But don’t write what I just said, because I’m just commenting on . . .

Melissa: Whoops.

Michael: Did we ever come up with our subject?

Melissa: No. How about tents?

Michael: Is this just one of those random things?

     I wanna put a lot of thought into the subjects that we write about writing about.

Melissa: Yeah, it was random, but—

Michael: Don’t do what you’re doing! Just say it.

Melissa: I did!

Michael: No, you’re typing as you’re saying it.

Melissa: It only looks that way ’cuz I type so fast.

Michael: Oh, brother.

Melissa: So going back to tents.

Michael: That’s the next one.

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