MAY 16, 2009 4:20AM

What Are We Gonna Call This?

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Michael: First of all, what is this about, again?

Melissa: We need to figure out what we’re going to call this.

Michael: I thought we already figured that out.

Melissa: Ha! You mean “SuperText”?

Michael: Yes, and I still think it has its points.

Melissa: Its points.

Michael: Yes! Like “People like to say ‘super’!” And I don’t think it’s possible to know what SuperText could be beforehand. Is it a superhero? Is it a text editor? It’s intriguing!

Melissa: We are not going to call this SuperText.

Michael: Well, then what do you recommend?

Melissa: Hmm.

Michael: See, you can’t think of one. Isn’t it better to have one now than to wait forever and not even get one to begin with that’s better than the one we would’ve thought of in the first place? Like SuperText.

Melissa: I need my water.

Michael: That’s a distraction. You don’t get your water until you’re done with this. That’s the cold hard world part of this.

Melissa: (drinks water)

     Okay. So now, let me see. It’s meta, but I don’t want to use “meta.”

Michael: That’s the “Super” in SuperText!

Melissa: Not SuperText again . . . Well, I wanted to call it The Notebox. But I had something else in mind for that.

Michael: What?

Melissa: I wanted to scan all our boxes of notes and record our discussion of them.

Michael: You mean notes on the notes?

Melissa: Yeah! Metanotes!

Michael: Well, that still doesn’t solve what we’re going to call this. This is where we write about the discussion we’re having about what we’re going to write about.

Melissa: Are we ever going to write about what we’re talking about writing about?

Michael: This is what we’re writing about. The discussion about what we’re writing about.

Melissa: But I wanna do The Notebox!

Michael: Now. Say “now.”

Melissa: I don’t wanna say “now”!

Michael: But you mean “now.” So just put “now.”

Melissa: But we can’t do “now” because the scanner’s not hooked up!

Michael: The scanner is never going to be hooked up. That is the painful truth I’ve been trying to shield you from.

Melissa: Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael: Don’t ever do that. You can have one, but not all of those exclamation points. And what about that one that’s at the end now? The one the reader hasn’t read yet?

Melissa: (types three more exclamation points, then deletes them)

Michael: You’ve got too many exclamation points in here. Everything you say has an exclamation point!

Melissa: I like exclamation points. And question marks. And interrobangs, and . . .

Michael: No fecking lists! I can’t follow lists!

Melissa: I like lists! I think in lists.

Michael: No. Please. A Lisp programmer thinks in lists.

Melissa: Okay, I think in sentences delineated by semicolons. Sort of like Faulkner.

Michael: Don’t mention his fecking name.

     Enter, enter.

     What’s “Enter, enter”?

Melissa: It’s what you just said.

Michael: “Enter, enter”?

Melissa: Yes.

Michael: Okay, I get it.

Melissa: So we’ve gotta get back to what you were saying earlier.

Michael: Which was?

Melissa: You know, about the good news. That line you said earlier but that I put at the bottom because it didn’t go with what we were saying?

Michael: Oh yeah! The good news is I just thought of what this could be called!

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Cindy: Okay, well, I won't give up yet. Either you're way too bright for me, or you both have your hands on it, as my New Zealander husband would say. Since I'm conceited, I'd like to think it's the second and not the first.

Michael: No Cindy, you are smart. Very smart in fact. We’re just freakishly brilliant is all. And together, we almost frighten ourselves.

Melissa: Hahaha. We do appreciate your diligence, though, Cindy. Thanks for not giving up on us just yet.

Michael: I don’t think anyone’s actually read through all of our posts yet. Well, except for us, of course.

Melissa: Yeah, anyone who did would deserve some sort of medal.

Michael: The metaness medal!