MAY 17, 2009 11:55PM

Longing Pause

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Michael: Now here’s the director part. When you read the sigh, don’t say it out loud. Do it. Sigh!

Melissa: (reads the line “(sighs) That makes me think about wip148 and 149.”)

Michael: No, you still made a sound!

Melissa: This is a longing sort of sigh, which has an audible component.

Michael: Then put that. Put “lounging”—

Melissa: You have “lounging.”

Michael: You can’t do this.

Melissa: Why?

Michael: Because I don’t type normally.

Melissa: But you are now.

Michael: This—

Melissa: Say it!

Michael: I see now. The problem.

     There you go, you captured it perfectly.

Melissa: That is not what you said.

Michael: That is exactly what I said! I said, “You captured it, perfectly.”

Melissa: No you didn’t. You said, “You captured it.”

Michael: I guess so. Maybe.

     That sounds about right.

     We are in meta hell.

Melissa: Now I’ve got to speak.

Michael: Finally!

Melissa: You mean to my longing sigh?

Michael: What does this—

     The other person has to type while the other person is talking! That’s the solution!

Melissa: Good idea! Except you can’t type fast enough.

Michael: It’s okay. Because I talk slo—

     Oh. Never mind.

Melissa: So.

Michael: I’m supposed to be typing!

Melissa: We’ll never finish if you do.

Michael: This next part doesn’t make any sense here. Where did this come from?

Melissa: I don’t know. We wrote this yesterday, and I can’t figure out how we got from “We’ll never finish if you do” to the next line about tents.

Michael: Okay, here comes one of those fake transition things.

Melissa: You can’t say that. That post hasn’t happened yet.

Michael: Yes, but it’s happened for us—not for the reader.

     This is metaness.

     And metaness means the next thing I’m going to say, I said yesterday.

     Tents! Haha. Now I’m doing exclamation points!

     Your right—

Melissa: You’re doing the wrong “your.

Michael: I told you we’re not going to get into this. We’re not going to get into my spelling mistakes unless they’re really great.

     Please, love. Can’t you see this is not going in?

     (long pause)

     What’s that word I keep not saying? “Lounge”?

Melissa: You mean “longing”?

Michael: Yeah, “longing”!

     (longing pause)

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