MAY 17, 2009 5:39PM

That’s a Good Title

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Michael: What is this called, “metaless”?

Melissa: No, “Metaness”!

     The problem is, I can’t see the time in full-screen mode.

Michael: Well, don’t worry about the stupid fecking time. The time is not—

Melissa: Wait wait wait. Stop stop stop!

     Okay, go ahead. You were saying, “The time is not—”

Michael: Well, can you remind me what’s been said?

     Did you say you couldn’t see the time, and I said it doesn’t matter?

Melissa: No, you said, “The time is not—”

Michael: “The time does not—”

Melissa: No! “The time is not—”

Michael: Oh. “The time does not—”

Melissa: No! “The time is not—”

Michael: “The time is not—”

Melissa: You were probably going to say, “The time is not important.”

Michael: Yes! The time is not important.

Melissa: (pause)

     I got the time. It’s 10:45 pm.

Michael: Now put right there, “(long pause)”.

Melissa: It was not a long pause.

Michael: Yes, put “(long pause)”.

Melissa: It was not long.

Michael: Okay, put “beat” then.

Melissa: That’s “pause.”

     Now I can go back into full-screen mode.

     How do I do that again?

Michael: Do it through the menu.

     View. Um.

     Enter Full Screen mode.

Melissa: And that’s Option?


Michael: Write “That’s a good title.”

Melissa: (types “Okay, now I gotta do it.”)

     (typing “That’s a good title.”)

Michael: No! Say, “That’s a good title”!

Melissa: I am.

Michael: I’m sorry to bring this up again—

Melissa: (groans)

Michael: And I suppose it’s getting old.

     And we don’t do those.

     It doesn’t work for me.

     Your grunts and groans have got to go.

     Don’t write that.

Melissa: I need to. It’s my response to what you said.

Michael: But I didn’t say it like that. I said it like whatever makes the exclamation point the exclamation point. Shouting, or surprise!

     Didn’t I say “Like”?

Melissa: Uh-uh.

Michael: Write “Uh-uh.” You said it like “uh-uh.”

Melissa: Actually, it’s kind of like “uhn-uhn.”

Michael: Don’t do that please.

Melissa: Okay.

Michael: That needs an exclamation point.

Melissa: No, you didn’t say it with one!

Michael: There you go, because it can’t have one.

Melissa: I need my water.

Michael: So I realized we had strayed from our original idea.

Melissa: Which was?

Michael: Writing about—

Melissa: Aaaaggghhhh!

Michael: Listen!

     No exclamation point!!!

     No, my God!

     You’re killing me!

     (long pause)


     Maybe I should say, “Okay, ’cuz.”

     No, just leave it as “’kay” because that’s what I actually said.

     Have we already used
“Okay ’cuz?”

Melissa: No.

Michael: Now you have to put what I just said.

Melissa: I’m gonna get carpel tunnel syndrome.

Michael: Uh-oh.

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time, metaness, okay 'cuz, metaless

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I'm gonna try to catch up, here, but I think I need a good long time to do it! Looks like it will be a fun ride.
NoisyNora! Delighted to see you about the neighborhood. It’ll be nice for these earlier posts to get some attention. As we said in a comment on a more recent piece, we think our older posts are starting to get jealous :-)

Looking forward to reading more of your work, and we hope you enjoy the ride!

( m&m )