MAY 18, 2009 3:08AM

Undo What You Just Did

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Michael: This is harder than I thought it was going to be.

     Do you know what I’m talking about?

Melissa: Actually, I’m not sure.

Michael: I mean about, uh—

     I don’t remember now.

     Don’t do what you’re doing—it’s evil.

     Undo what you just did.

Melissa: Okay, maybe I could just try to—okay.

Michael: Don’t do what you’re doing. Take your hands off the keyboard. That’s how you know.

Melissa: I keep accidentally hitting ctrl-option-command-N instead of ctrl-option-command-M—

     Oops, it’s the other way around.

Michael: Okay, this is that part where I start feeling sorry for the reader. I mean, if you were standing around a water cooler and you were talking about, “Well, I was hitting ctrl-option-command-N instead of ctrl-option-command-M,” there’s a pretty good chance that you may be one of those people that people at the office make jokes about.

Melissa: Actually, where I work, we do get excited about things like that.

     Like the other day, Greg and I were talking about typing ‘W’ to show and hide the pasteboard in InDesign.

     He actually left a big note on his desk reminding us both of that fact.

Michael: You’re right. That would take me a long time to type.

     And don’t put a—

     Thank you.

Melissa: Don’t put a what?

Michael: An exclamation point!

     Damn. I can’t believe I was the first one to bring it up again.

Melissa: We had been doing so well, too.

     Let’s talk about another kind of punctuation. Maybe that will make the exclamation points go away.

Michael: As long as it’s not the subject of what we are writing . . . about—

     Wait, never mind.

Melissa: Actually, you’re right. What is the subject of what we’re writing about?

Michael: Tents!

Melissa: That was aeons ago. Can’t we have a new subject now?

Michael: Yes, let’s change it.

Melissa: What to?

Michael: Kilgore Trout!

     Shouldn’t that have an exclamation point?

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