MAY 19, 2009 11:11PM

Blessed Are the Nobodies

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Michael: How do you think this is going so far?

Melissa: I don’t know. I’m kind of wondering if we’re posting too often.

Michael: Well, they don’t take very long to read.

     It’s sort of like overhearing a couple arguing, though.

Melissa: Not exactly arguing. Bantering.

Michael: Well, either way, is it even worth writing these?

Melissa: We’re amusing ourselves, if nothing else.

Michael: And our friends.

     And our favorites, too.

Melissa: You can’t exactly say that—"our favorites."

Michael: Why?

Melissa: Because our favorites are the people we’ve marked and—

Michael: I said "our favorites"!

Melissa: Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Most of the people we’ve favorited don’t even know we exist, so how can we be amusing them?

Michael: Oh . . . I see. I need to say the people who have favorited us.

Melissa: Yes. So what should we talk about this time?

Michael: You mean our subject?

Melissa: Mm-hmm.


Michael: What about Eavan Boland?

Melissa: Okay! It’s hard to know where to start. Although, I guess the obvious would be the ordinary.

Michael: Do I put "the ordinary" in quotes?

Melissa: No.

Michael: Okay. Is that all you were going to say?

Melissa: No.

     I mean I’m not sure. I was just getting started.

Michael: I don’t mean the last thing we were going to say about Eavan Boland, I just mean the last thing in that sentence.

Melissa: Got it.


Michael: Well?

Melissa: I think it was her appreciation for the ordinary that first drew me to her work. That’s what I was trying to do in my work, too.

     And that’s why we like Mike Leigh movies so much.

Michael: We will definitely have to do one of these on Mike Leigh.

Melissa: Yes, definitely.

     We could talk about him here!

Michael: Literally, we already have.

Melissa: I mean as a subject.

Michael: Our subject is Eavan Boland!

Melissa: Yeah, but like we talked about the Twilight Zone in the context of Alien Nation, we can also talk about about Mike Leigh in the context of Eavan Boland.

Michael: Yes, but in the same way we didn’t get into the Twilight Zone, we’re not going to get into Mike Leigh. It should be a subject of its own.

     We say so little about our subjects as it is.

Melissa: You’re right. Back to Boland.

     Eavan Boland honors the individuals who are outside history.

Michael: The invisible ones.

Melissa: Right, and those are the people we are most interested in.

     Not politicians or celebrities, but authentic, so-called nobodies—like us.

Michael: Blessed are the nobodies.

Melissa: Amen.

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Hello, Neighbors! I hope it's okay that I interrupt your intimate dialog. I live not far away from here (300 million light years, give or take a few). As to your question: your friends might very well know you exist. They may even drive by your lovely home every once in a while, but wouldn't ring your doorbell. Who knows why? Probably too shy. Why don't you show up at their door (both of you, of course) and see if they are friendly? I wouldn't know -- I am new in this area myself. Anyway, you are always welcome at my place. Do you have a keen eye for pictures? Galaxyfolks may need your help, so come over! See you soon :-)
Michael: Greetings, GalaxyMan, and welcome to our planet! Although it is not always the most hospitable destination in the universe, there are those of us here who are indeed grateful for your insights into human behavior and your galactic objectivity.

Melissa: Yes! And feel free to interrupt anytime. While we're not accustomed to having guests, being rather shy ourselves, we're always delighted to welcome a kindred, if interplanetary, spirit.
hi just jumping in to say I love eavan boland. and rarely have the opportunity to say so. so thanks =)