MAY 21, 2009 2:08AM

Sorry About All That Hyper Meta Fascistic Crap Earlier

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Michael: Sorry about all that hyper meta fascistic crap earlier.

Melissa: What “hyper meta fascistic crap?”

Michael: You know. Not mentioning the subject or allowing exclamation points. All that stuff.

     I’m just excited about writing this, and that former gung-ho part of me takes over. Sorry.

Melissa: I know. I’m the same way. It’s that mapper focus.

Michael: I wouldn’t label myself a mapper, because I don’t like labeling myself. The only label I’ve come to accept is AS. I accept that. That’s fine.

Melissa: Not only fine—something to celebrate.

Michael: Only someone who doesn’t have AS would ever think this is something to celebrate.

     It’s something to, uh—

Melissa: Endure?

Michael: Well, we both have to endure this.

(both laugh)

Michael: I was going to say that it’s the people with AS who are the ones to be celebrated. But not AS itself.

Melissa: Okay, time to get back to that text we’re about to paste in:

Michael: Notice I just made the text from that—

Melissa: Oh, that’s your newLISP thing? Wow!

     (types splat-N)

Michael: If you’re going to create a new one, do it in the project.

     Press splat-shift-N.

     Then just drag it down to the bottom.

Melissa: Cool!

Michael: Note that both 21 and 22 are empty.

Melissa: No—

Michael: Is 20 empty? Click on 20.

Melissa: Gottit.

     I feel funny talking because of the novocaine.

     “Is this real life?”

Michael: Hahaha!

     Do you think 3 hahahas indicates too much laughter?

     I literally said 3 hahas, but—

Melissa: Oh wait, wait, wait!


Michael: You said something.

Melissa: No, I just said, “Wait wait wait” and started typing.

     Wait, oh wait.


Michael: You don’t need to say “(typing again)”—it already is typing again.

Melissa: What do you mean?

Michael: Its physical presence is the “again.”

Melissa: Oh, right.

     Weren’t we supposed to talk about Mike Leigh?

Michael: Well, in the spirit of freedom from oppressive rules, let’s just do it.

Melissa: Okey-doke. Let’s talk about Mike Leigh.

     First off, what upsets me is that if anyone hears Mike Leigh now—

Michael: Just type it.

Melissa: Really?

Michael: Yes, freedom!

Melissa: Wow, I’ll have to get used to that.

Michael: I wonder if our reader can tell the difference.

Melissa: I just realized what we’ve been saying goes perfectly with that beginning we started earlier.


Michael: You’re right!

Melissa: So anyway, what upsets me is that now, everyone who hears about Mike Leigh thinks of Happy-Go-Lucky.

     And that is one of the poorest representations of his work.

Michael: Well, “that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

     Okay, we’re not gonna pontificate about Mike Leigh.

Melissa: I thought that’s what we were supposed to be doing!

     All I’m saying is, you can’t say “Mike Leigh” without people thinking of that movie, so you have to address that issue.

Michael: They might like that movie!

Melissa: Well, I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about us. And I’m not being like those Mike Leigh fans who don’t think he should have a happy character. That’s not the problem. His greatest films have profoundly happy people—think about High Hopes.

Michael: They’re not profoundly happy. They are happy, but both of the characters you’re thinking of have big empty holes in their lives. She wants a child, and he wants all the world to have enough to eat, and drink, and . . . I can’t remember what he says.

Melissa: “I want everyone to have enough to eat.” I think that’s it.

Michael: Yes. And so these two people have profoundly unhappy aspects to their lives. It’s just that their relationship together gives them hope.

Melissa: High hopes.

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