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Ashley F. Miller
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
May 23
Ashley is currently getting her PhD in Mass Communication from USC, with a focus on social media and film. She’s also active in the skeptic and atheist communities and gives occasional speeches on the subject. She graduated cum laude from Emory University before getting her MFA at FSU’s Film Conservatory. She is a writer and film editor; she’s worked in feature development, reality TV, short films, web series, and writing online news & opinion pieces.


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APRIL 6, 2012 11:26AM

South Carolina Democrats Fail Shamefully

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My representative

Not one Democrat has entered the race for the US House of Representatives against Joe Wilson.  The party has entirely failed to recruit or field a candidate for a national office against a man who is an absolute disgrace to this state.  They also have not responded to my inquiries as to why they’ve failed to do so.  This shows not only a flagrant disregard for the state, but also a complete failure of priorities.

Normally when I am embarrassed at politics in my home state of South Carolina, it is because an individual Republican politician has done something that makes me cringe.  They disappear on the Appalachian Trail, say women don’t care about contraception, or scream “You lie!” during the State of the Union.  I am a generous person and I’m willing to allow that it’s really none of my business that Mark Sanford was having an affair, though there were some legitimate governmental interests involved in that story, and maybe Nikki Haley really meant to say women don’t only care about contraception, but other things as well.  But there is nothing about Joe Wilson’s outburst that is forgivable.

I care deeply about the truth, but there is a time and a place for pointing out perceived falsehoods and if a Democrat had screamed “You lie!” during one of George W. Bush’s State of the Union addresses, I would have condemned them as well.  There is a rebuttal aired immediately after the address just for such claims!  You’ve got a platform that doesn’t require being rude!

Of course, caring deeply about the truth, I should also point out that Joe Wilson was monstrously incorrect when he claimed that President Obama was lying.  If you’re going to be completely unnecessarily rude, at least get your facts straight first!

There’s nothing about Joe Wilson’s political career that redeems him from this behavior.  He is a supporter of keeping the treasonous rebel flag on Statehouse grounds.  He’s repeatedly voted to limit the rights of his gay constituents and of the country, he’s voted to make the PATRIOT act permanent and to remove our fourth amendment constitutional right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure, he does not support scientific research, he does not support women’s rights, he consistently votes against education in a state that desperately needs better education, and he is a religious fundamentalist who doesn’t believe in separation of church and state.

The filing deadline has passed and I wish someone with any basic decency had taken the opportunity to use the public platform to bring some truth and dignity to the race, rather than more of the cowardly lies that Joe Wilson has to offer.  I wish I’d had $3,500 dollars and any knowledge of how to run a campaign or join a race because he’s the representative of MY district and I am mad as hell.  Perhaps Dick Harpootlian, the SCDem chair, should spend more time trying to get Democrats elected and less time insulting women, accusing Republicans of being gay, and schmoozing with Stephen Colbert.

South Carolinians deserve choices when it comes to sending a representative to Washington DC, but it looks like the 40% my district and of the state that votes blue is going to continue to be disenfranchised by a failure of the party and a failure of the system.

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I wish I had $3500 to give you, so you could run. I'm glad that you are mad as hell. What a disgrace this man is. Would he have shouted "you lie" to George W. Bush? I don't think so. Rated.
Lived in SC for 55 years. Nothing ever changes for the better there it seems. Too big for an insane asylum, remember? GO 'COCKS! Another USC grad here.
Rock on, Ashley! South Carolina is close to my heart, but my husband's uncle is Pug Ravenel, the guy who challenged Strom Thurmond and who Lee Atwater cut his teeth on. Keep fighting the good fight - the party has entirely failed this year. South Carolina does deserve a choice.
Another USC grad here from the School of Mass Comm, though from the Library Science side of it. I just can't believe there are no candidates to run as Democrats. As I recall from my time in Columbia, there were many, many thoughtful, politically motivated liberals around, both on and off campus. Crazy!
Great post! As a Southern woman, I understand that frustrating embarrassment felt when you know the southern states are full of intelligent good people who seem to be represented by the politicians who define the stereotype we all dislike. You did a great job.
this is really a disgrace. either the dems in s.c. are not trying or they genuinely do not have a candidate who can beat joe wilson, what does that tell you about the people of the palmetto state?
The SC Dem party is a mess. I don't think they are very effective and mostly they just raise money to justify whatever few jobs that are currently held by hacks. As bad as Gov. Haley is, a dem would probably be just as corrupt. And even the 40% dems you speak of aren't really dems but homophobes like the SC Dem chair. Tragically, SC is too far gone with racist, homophobes and uneducated people that vote against their interest. It will only get worse and we continue to undereducated and push religious nonsense.
SC and the deep South are without any chance of ever coming out of the Dark Ages, politically. Let's face it: that's where the damned Civil War began and for most white people in SC, it never ended.

The intellectual power of the entire state doesn't add up to Thomas Jefferson dining alone. It's a perfect place for BMW to set up shop.