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Michael Fishman

Michael Fishman
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
November 09
A guy living just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota who likes reading, writing, pizza, old movies, funny sitcoms and the Minnesota Twins. I also blog over here: michaelsfishbowl.wordpress.com


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NOVEMBER 28, 2011 6:26AM

I Can't Delete This Account, So...

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I can't seem to find the little button to delete this account so I guess I'll just let it sit dormant. If you're wondering where I am and what I'm yakking about, just click here and you'll find me. Please be sure to say 'hi'!

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I'll say hi and then see if my button `
Post a comment will function`gin.
I tried to comment earlier @ Kim's.
The boat names Arrabella inspires.
Often this strange square apears.
When the box occurs on a`Post`
No cmment goes anywhere.
No comment. Who knows?
It may happen to otter too.
Possums have problems.
I am gonna take a batch.
I may play with a duck.
I fill bathtub up now.
I no bathes for ages.

I love a hot batch.
In Canada I smell.
I took one shower.
I see where you live. Yea. Beauty. You eat lots of Rhubarb. The Nova Scotia's drink.
They brew Rhubarb Wine. One day I noticed a comment @ Salon on Garrison Keilor's Blog-Post was deleted. I saif "Why?" I save all my deleted comments.
If you get deleted?
No complain any.
It gets worst, ay.
You can write?
Write to Kim?
email Eric H.?
call Eric Holder.
Complain to nice`
Michelle Obama.
When Garrison Keilor