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Michael Kwiatkowski
Ohio, United States of America
May 18
I'm a Green Party member in Ohio, and active on several blogs that include my own. This year I am helping to spread the word about Green and other Third Party candidates for public office.

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MAY 13, 2012 2:56PM

Obama, Romney, or No One: The REAL Wasted Vote

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Face it: voting for either Barry Obama or Mitt Romney is a waste of your vote.  So is not voting at all.

Either decision sends the message to the establishment that complain as you might, you are perfectly content to let business as usual go on.

Before you start in with the "BUT THE REPUBLICANS ARE SO MUCH WORSE!!!" baloney, let me just remind you why that line of thinking is complete and utter crap.

George W. Bush merely imprisoned people without charge or trial and subjected them to torture.  Barry Obama does the same thing but goes a step further to order them killed without charge or trial, and even includes American citizens in that depraved policy.  Which is worse?  If you said Bush, you are WRONG.

Obama and Romney are both spouting lies about Iran and are actively promoting war against that nation despite having no credible evidence of a nuclear weapons program.

Obama and Romney share the exact same deferential policy toward Israel — both candidates are effectively that country's lap dogs.

George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and Medicare.  Barry Obama is trying to privatize Social Security and Medicare.  Mitt Romney wants to be the one to take credit for privatizing Social Security and Medicare.  No matter which of the two corporate whores vying for the right to gut what's left of the social safety net you choose, you're still picking a vile cretin who wants to gut what's left of the social safety net.

Both Obama and Romney want to accelerate oil drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and nuclear energy development in spite of looming environmental apocalypse.  (Obama has openly boasted that oil drilling has increased under his watch.)

Obama and Romney have both implemented a health insurance bailout designed by the far right Heritage Foundation.

Obama and Romney both serve Wall Street with tax cuts for the wealthy, refusal to do anything about the home foreclosure crisis, refusal to enact any regulation on financial activities, and so on Obama signed the JOBS Act, which opens the door for even more fraud in the financial system.

Obama and Romney both oppose letting same-sex couples marry.  Obama's latest flip-flop on this issue reveales that he intends to leave state-level bans intact, in abandonment of his duty to enforce the 14th Amendment.

The list goes on for miles.  On each and every issue Obama has either adopted or exceeded the far right policies of his predecessor.

And lest you think his picks for the Supreme Court would be even remotely to the left of anyone Romney might put up, let me remind you that his latest SCOTUS appointee, Elena Kagan, holds with the Bush doctrine on executive power, and that she sided with the far right on Miranda rights.

So really, why waste your vote, if you're a liberal or a progressive, by voting for someone who represents the exact opposite of everything you say you stand for?  Fear does cause many people to do extreme things, including vote for politicians they know will never do anything in their interests.  But it doesn't have to be this way.

Remember: your vote has power.  You've been conditioned to believe otherwise, but it holds a lot.  Why else do you think the GOP wants so desperately to prevent you from voting?  Why else do you think the Democrats work so diligently to get third party candidates tossed from the ballots?

It's because the establishment in both major political parties know for a fact that if you were to cast your ballot for someone who actually represents you, their days in power would be numbered.  So they limit your options to their approved candidates or no one at all.

The best, and indeed the only way out of this catch-22 is to stop voting for corporate-owned politicians and start voting for third party candidates who represent you.  If you're on the left, you have the Green, Socialist, Progressive, Working Families, and Justice Parties to pick from.  Candidates from any of these outside parties are far more likely to represent your interests than any of the approved establishment politicians, whose only interest is loyally serving the interests of their big campaign bribers donors.

Now, you will face screams from the mindless zombies who defend the status quo calling you a traitor, a Republican, an idiot, and so on.  To hell with them.  They're content to throw their votes away, and they will suffer the political consequences for their moral cowardice in the form of more of the same far right policies we've all had to endure for decades.

Besides the screamers, you will have to contend with right-wing politicians wiping your name off the voter rolls, wiping third party candidates from the ballot, and throwing your ballot in the trash without bothering to count it.  And you will have to go to great lengths to ensure that not only will you be able to vote, but also that your ballot will be counted.

But here's the thing: if millions of fed-up Americans vote as you do, the sheer number of votes against the status quo will make it impossible for the establishment to steal the election.  That is the key.  Your vote, as powerful as it is, becomes even more powerful when joined with millions of others just like it.

THAT is the solution to our degraded political system.  But it can only work if you do away with fear and vote in your own best interests.  Don't waste your vote by voting for Romney or Obama, and don't waste it by not voting.

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Bill Clinton was more successful in the consolidation of the corporate media and both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were more successful in advancing the cause of charter schools as a result of their ability to appease the left and convince them that they represented the majority.

Both political parties continue breaking records when it comes to collecting bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions and they both say they want to reform it while they continue to make it worse.

One party does a better job pretending to advocate for the majority without actually doing so. they'll continue to get away with it until the public stops believing the lie that only those that collect bribes thinly disguised as campaign contributions are "viable!"

That won't solve everything and more awareness on the issues is also a necessity among other things but it is a start.