SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 7:37PM

Can you play a Kazoo with your Hooha? I didn't think so.

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The amount of talent you can find in America is astounding. In spite of the current political climate, we are so fortunate that we live in a country that doesn't try to stifle creative outlets like so many other countries around the world try to do.
We are allowed free reign to create whatever we want as long as we do no harm to others. Of course, I'm sure there are some that would consider the following video to do emotional harm to those that are less tolerant than most of the people on Open Salon, but that's not my problem.
My job here is to bring entertainment to you whenever and in whatever form I can. (I call it my job, but it's really a labor of love since it doesn't pay squat).  
American music is no different when we talk about creativity. We love our music and have a market for every genre and musical instrument you can imagine. Not only do Americans play every instrument on the planet, but we do it with flair! Guitar players pick with their teeth and play behind their backs and some even light their instuments on fire and play them for finales. There is a guy around here that even plays two saxaphones at the same time and plays them well, but none of them can hold a candle to the woman you are about to see.
Enter the Kazoo (literally). Don't laugh. It's not polite. Most of you wouldn't consider a kazoo to be a sexy instrument, but that is about to change. From this point forward you'll never be able to think of a kazoo in the same light again. Take a look and tell me what you think.
For your viewing and musical pleasure, I bring you, Amy G and her Magical Vaginal Kazoo!

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I think I just met the girl I want to marry.
Is it wrong that turned me on?????????????????
America HAS talent.
OMG, this is gross.
However, I don't think it's her "hooha"...I think she might have used a different orifice.
I'm just saying...
Three part harmony with wind instruments is hard to do.
Only you Michael.
You would be the one to post this.
I laughed so hard........ I will never be able to look at one of these things again in the same way....
Years ago in a far away land I saw a chick shoot a ping-pong ball, using her.... privates, with great accuracy across the stage and into a dust pan. It was very entertaining.

She might have been this chick's grandmother. You know? Talent runs in a family tree, they always say.
I'm wodering what she was doing when she "discovered" this talent. OMG, I'm still laughing...where did I put my kazoo?
Another Saturday night and I ain't got no body..............

That Kazoo has a nice buzzzzzzzzzzzzz to it. No?
I'd love to see the rest of this woman's resume.
I wonder if she knows "Way Down South in Dixie". You know, just to balance the political spectrum. Oooooh, I wish I was in the land of cotton.....................
WalkAway, don't you hate it when that happens?
Hope she doesn't get them mixed up next time she plays.
That's just wrong. I can't tell you in how many ways that is wrong. But that, right there, is wrong.
I think I am gonna need therapy after that...

Hey! since my daughter has been struggling with learning to play the clarinet .. perhaps that we should buy her a kazzoo.. that would make those damn school concerts I have to go to much more tolerable.. Thanks Michael!!.. and no..dude YOU ROCK!
Michael, oh, Michael, where do you find these things? Pretty darned funny and quite a talented young lady.
Holy. Crap.

(By the way, did you know that one of my favorite OSers, Hoop Junior, is a kazoo teacher in Mississippi?)
She hit a flat note once or twice. If I have to show her one more time, were through!!
Ya know, posting this stuff is fun, but not nearly as fun as the comments this stuff generates. I love you guys!
Michael, I don't think I can even watch it. But it does remind me of the "dancer" trick that Jon Poneman (owner of Seattle's indie label Subpop) described to me in great detail: picking up dollar bills off his chest with... you know. Talented women, eh? I don't know.
Yes, but how far can she 'throw' a ping pong ball??
"The amount of talent you can find in America is astounding."

Well said, my friend. This our charm.
Well done, and thanks a million for the link.

Another favorite from the PatPong women is opening a beer bottle with the twat, and my personal favorite smoking a cigar with the pussy and... wait for it.... blowing smoke rings.
Nothing short of amazing.
After watching her warm-up that kazoo, I'd settle for being part of her warm-up act!!
And I suppose this beats another one of my depressing posts about healthcare reform.
So very wrong, so very funny, and oddly, kind of hot . . . and the audience faces . . . priceless.
What??? Another trick I have to learn? ::groan::
I can't believe this! LOL Don't know whether to laugh or...
Thanks for the laughs, all! I know that this is staged, but it's still fun. Everybody knows you can't play a kazoo in high heels.
Man! I have a number of blues harps, and plenty of time teach...
John Mayall, nor paul Butterfield could deal with the licks from this chick! great post r
No wonder my posts go away so quickly, How can I compete with a kazoo playing vagina?
I just wanna know, how long did you search the internets for this one?
I can't believe you went here, Michael. Isn't she the same woman who pulled the scarves out of there like a magician. This is just. So. Wrong. I guess it could be worse. She could have played the flute.
Are you kiding? In the Hooha Marching Band I am the drum majorette.
I am so in love right now.
Hilarious, but can she play the tuba? Next installment maybe?

You folks are killing me!
You people are my kinda crowd....
I just had to come back and read the comment line.
It is better that the video.
Michael, you have no mercy here. None!
This was way too funny.
She also plays a saxophone. Upside down, of course.
Made me look. Reminds me of the ghost-playing piano at Warren and Annabelle's.
I think she's working out an endorsement deal with Classic American for Guitar Center.
She must do Kegels all damn day! Shooooooooooot!
the comments here are better than the comments at youtube. Well, except for the one about a teacher getting fired for showing it to the class.
~tears~ That was beautiful!!

Ric's story reminded me of a donkey show in Mexico, we won't go there, too many emotions for one day!!

Michael, I don't even want to know how long you searched for that, nor do I want to know what words you typed into Google to find it. You live too close to me.

I DO...however...want to reply to some of the commentifiers.

@Buffy and WAH: Here's how she discovered the talent. She was having an argument with her next-door neighbor. When she complained about his loud kazoo playing, he claimed it took real talent to do it right. Her reply: "Any puss can play a kazoo. See?"

@RicTresa: I guess this time talent runs in the family bush.

@Steve Blevins: I thought your friend Hoop was a teacher in Yazoo City, MS, not a kazoo teacher in Mississippi. My bad.

@bobbot: The only way to compete with a kazoo-playing vagina is to show her your trombone-playing penis. Take it from me, you gotta have a long reach to play trombone.

And Michael, she'd have to play the sax SIDEWAYS.