JULY 30, 2010 8:44PM

Tennessee's Answer to Alvin Greene

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I don't know if Tennessee Gubernatorial Cadidate Basil Marceaux is any relation to that mime that was running around in the '70s with the same last name, but he's a hell of lot funnier.

If we could get this guy together with Senate Candidate Alvin Greene from South Carolina for any type of debate I think we might laugh all the way to the November elections.

I'm not sure what he's saying, but I like his delivery.


Basil on the finer aspects of campaign finance reform.

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Holy shit! This guy is the dumbest man ever. He would be very popular in Idaho. What a ditweed.
He should take a cue from Marcel Marceau(x) and shut up.
He's almost as smart as Glenn Beck. heh
Holy crap. This guy makes Greene look like Einstein.
Stop traffic stops? The de-evolution of humanity is coming along faster than I suspected. WHOA!!!
{{Shaking her head in disbelief}}

Tennessee is last in the nation in percentage of college graduates. Education gets no respect in this state, but Tennesseans come by that honestly. When students leave elementary school they are already eight years behind much of the rest of the country.
So I may as well make my declaration right here on your post...I'm running for President. What the hell, why don't we all toss our hats in the ring?!
I saw these and thought they were funny as hell dear.
I truly am amazed at idiots in training sometimes.
He could run the idiot college and make extra......
Hey, I live here and I haven't even heard of this guy! Suffice it to say that he is not a serious contender for the Republican nomination. (But the "real" contenders aren't much of a step up either.)
My husband and I laughed our asses off! Thanks for this!