OCTOBER 4, 2010 7:56PM

Does Sharon Angle have an Illegitimate Child?

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I was digging through a genealogy web site the other day and I think I may have stumbled onto something. I’m wondering if you think it’s possible that Nevada’s Republican (read Tea Party) Senate Candidate, Sharon Angle may have given up a daughter for adoption way back when and her child is now running for a Senate Seat in Delaware on an Anti-Masturbation platform? I don’t think anyone can tell for sure without a DNA test, but you have to admit the resemblance is uncanny.


  Sharon Angle tin hat                 Christine O'donnell 3    

Conicidence?  I'll let you decide. 



While I was searching, I found Ann Coulter’s long lost sister, too! What are the odds? They are supposed to get together for a meet up somewhere in Kansas. I hope it doesn't rain.



Ann Colter         Wicked Witch 2


I also found this mouse with a human sized brain, so maybe Christine O'Donnell isn't crazy after all. 

Mouse with human brain 


BTW, the mouse is studying Theology at Princeton and carries a 3.6 GPA.


Disclaimer: All information for this article was researched at Google Images.

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Sh...it could've happened.
WooHoo! This is fun.
Michael, definitely some haunting resemblances here!!
I get physically ill whenever I see Man Coulter. Next time, please put a warning label on your piece!
Good catches all, but you missed these twins separated at birth:

Separated at Birth
Oh crap! Sarah Palin is gonna be PISSED! She was hoping Christine was HER illegitimate child!

BTW, are you sure the mouse isn't the illegitimate son of that rat bastard Cheney?
Uncanny resemblesances. That mouse has a higher GPA than I finished with.
Oh, this is goooood. I can hear the lyrics now:

"Tie a scarlet letter 'round the old GOP Ho...."

I'm sorry. Really sorry. Went too far.

*runs from blog*
@ xenonlit xl: BTW, there was some old dude named Tony Orlando here that was looking for you. I think he was packing a piece under his jacket. Just say'in.
I needed this! Thanks Michael!

Laughing my ass off in KANSAS, KANSAS, KANSAS!
**snickering as I picture Trig Palin in a pair of Ruby Slippers**
Amy, would you kiss Ann Coulter?

I have a pair of fine ruby slippers too, size 11. Should I post pictures?
Quite a bit of interesting sleuthing here. Thanks.
Funny !!!!
I think the mouse has dropped out of school and is delving into the art of witchcraft. But have no fear. There is hope for him to see the error of his ways and he will be born again and form a cheese party
Thanks for the chuckles.
bwaaa haaaa ann coulter that was precious
You know so much! Where have you been hiding? You are better than my magic 8 ball!
Heeheehee...You're a hoot! Thanks for the laugh.
Amazing and uncanny.

(And MR, I loved your comment on my blog. I think you should do a similar piece, since you had some serious specifics going on, down to the seat belt! Ha...good stuff.)