NOVEMBER 30, 2010 10:04PM

The New TSA Calendars Are Here!!! With Full Nudity!

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The TSA has been in the news a lot lately...and taking quite a beating I might add. Groping Grandma on camera and testing Grandpa's testicles for explosives has a way of giving the TSA a less than favorable appearance in the public's eye. Yet, not everything The TSA does  should be frowned upon. Take their new calendar for instance.  

Those who know me know that I've long been an admirer of the female form, but I rarely post nudity on Open Salon out of respect for the members. I certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone. That's just not my style, but once in a while something crosses my radar that is so tastefully done, that well...I feel an obligation to share it with you. So without further adieu, I offer you the New TSA Pin-up Calendar!






TSA 10
TSA 11
TSA 12 

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Crap. I hit publish by accident. I am sooo out of practice.
Love this! Oh... and..... FIRST!!!
Nice set of clavicles.

I think it'll sell out in no time!!
DAMN! Those femurs go all the way up to her pelvic girdle!!!!

**fans self**
Don't think for a minute something like this would never are sitting on a goldmine, my friend! Get it out there before the zeitgeist changes.....Brilliant! (rated)
This will give boner a whole new meaning! Makes want to jump her bones - it is a woman right? right?
Good one, Michael; Just great fun....
You are pure filth! This graphic xerography is a sign that our great nation is going to hell in a hand basket!

*runs from room, trying to figure out how Long Dong Silver would look*
And I flagged this with the following comment:

"This post is too hilarious to not get an EP and the cover!"

rated and hugs and Zumapick.
I like my women with a little meat on their bones!
Gives new meaning to the idea of sexy, that's for sure! ;)
'bout time you came out to play some here.

Great pos...... Hey! Is that you Zeldaria?!
What the heck are you doing there?!!
You told me you were flying to Atlanta on business!

Oh, what will I ever tell the neighbours?!
And our children?!!

Oh, oh, oh....... just look at you, you shameless bag-o-bones! With your ulna and your femur and your tarsals all exposed for anyone to feast their eyes on! Oh! I can't bare it.......!

Great thanks for the hilarious comments, folks. Way too funny! It's the comments that make OS the wonder that it is. But alas, I can't take the credit for this with a straight face. I stole it from an unknown source. But then, it's also not plagiarism if it shows up in my mailbox
....or is it?
Great shots, no bones about it.
How much did you pay for those pictures of me...? A riot!
she borrowed my shoes for the photo shoot. ;
In "Bonfire of the Vanities" Tom Wolfe coined social x-rays as a means of desrcibing and depicting aging, elitist, philanthropic, image obsessed, calorie counting, cheekbone jutting, chicken skin dangling on withering arm bones, 90 pound women.
I passed on the Social X-ray Calendar when hit the shelves.
But this is novel.
i prefer mine with skin.
Those are some steamy pictures!

I think I might know the girl in number 3. I hope she was paid well.
I say the first to go through should be Congress. Let them live with the police state they're errecting around us.
where are the male photos?
Do you know what the TSA pervs do in the back room?
Oh this is true Michael Rodgers humor. Sorry I'm so late but have been away from OS for awhile and only when here, in tiny bits and pieces. And look what I missed! This is hysterical. Good to see you Michael. I trust you are doing well.