JANUARY 9, 2011 12:14PM

Shameless Fox News Finally Comments on Hateful Vitriol

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Christina Taylor-Green 
 I was wondering how long it would take before Fox News could spin their hateful vitriolic contributions to the shooting of Gabby Giffords and eighteen others, including the deaths of six of the victims, to lessen their involvement. They couldn’t ignore the subject forever and knew they would be a likely target of blame from the left.

So how did they “get out in front “of the story and divert the blame away from themselves? By marching out the only reporter they have that could be remotely viewed as sympathetic to the left, Juan Williams. Marching any of their colleagues from the right who instigate violence (Glenn Beck, et.al.) would have been in poor taste. Juan did a fine job, along with the cookie-cutter blonde anchorwoman, of completely denying that hateful and incendiary rhetoric from either side had anything to do with the incident. This just happened a few minutes ago so video or text is unavailable to post, but the message was clear; hateful speech has nothing to do with hateful acts.

I wish they would explain that opinion to the mother of Christina Taylor-Green, the nine-year-old girl with the interest in government, who was slain in the melee. The third grader was at the meet and greet event to see how her government operated. Sadly, young Christina would never get the chance to find out.

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It's taken them almost 24 hours to comment? My God.
Wouldn't it be refreshing for the wingnuts to admit -- just once -- that they might have or could have been wrong? Shame on Juan Williams!

While Beck, Limbaugh, O'Reilly et al remain silent. Or perhaps they are too busy scrubbing their websites of any of the words that could link them to the murders.
Well said. Ironically, according to what I read, she was born on 9/11/2001. Born to tragedy, she died as a senseless victim of one too.
juan williams has been a secret rush-o'reilly-hannity sycophant for a long time. fox snapped him up because he's a black guy and used to work for npr so they think that gives him (and them) street cred with minorities and centrists. he's a token of the worst kind. and trotting him out to say what your piece says he parroted, fox's expected schtick, is precisely why he's on their payroll. makes my teeth hurt.
Her short life was bookended with such immense tragedy. So heartbreaking...
What makes it even worse is that she -- Christina Taylor Green -- was featured in a book called "Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11".


Pox News is an insult to anyone who ever cared about journalism.
As I watched this broadcast, I had the exact same thoughts and observations. The girls lipstick was particularly red and shiny. And Juan sounded like a moron. Well, I guess he sounded like what he is.

Spinning this, considering how blatantly obvious the links are, makes Fox and others stand out in contrast to reality.

It doesn't matter whether or not a direct link to be drawn to Sarah Palin and her ilk, what matters is that the violent rhetoric is unnecessary and needs to stop.

Razzle, I'm guessing damge control takes some thought. You'd think they would have had this all in a file somewhere.

L, Narcissists don't ever admit guilt.

Bobbot, I bet they are all thankful this happened on the weekend so they can regroup.

Cartouche, I didn't know that about about that poor girl. I feel deeply for her mother and can't imagine the grief she must feel.

Femme, I feel exactly the way you do about Juan Williams. It was no surprise to me that he was their go to guy.Don't tell anyone, but I do watch Fox News on the weekend to see what they are up to.

Catherine, I had no idea about the little girls birthday until Cartouche mentioned it above.

Boanerges, Thanks for the link, Bro. I can't seem to read fast enough about this tragedy, but one thing is for sure, the right will accept no blame or responsibility.
Greer, I'm so glad someone else on OS saw this. Not many Fox viewers here. I'm off to your site.
True propaganda for all to see here. The divide between comes wider from this Michael. Someone with peace must speak.
Incentary speak at it highest spread by a tube. The middle must come together or this country will contiue to rip and tear till nothing can stop the madness.
I couldn't stomach any of FOX news right now. It is inevitable that they will somehow manage to offend.
Ooops...I'm putting a link to this in my post because it at least tells what is going on over there. R hugs.
If they are going to deny hateful vitriol as being part of the cause, then they better back that up with the need for better mental health care and gun control laws to justify that.
Unfortunately, I think young Christina found out exactly how American politics operates.
In a way, Juan is more guilty than the others and his apologia more insidious because he and his seemingly reasonable words provide cover for the racist, homophobic, terroristic speech thrown-up by the others. Would that this horrible incident had awakened the long-dead conscience of these perpetrators, but alas, that would be far too much to hope for from these soulless people.
Gross. Just gross. I expect nothing less from Fox. Juan should feel ashamed of himself.
"Fox News - Fair and Balanced."
Thanks for having the guts to even watch Fox News. I stay away from it completely, probably at my own peril, which makes me all the more thankful for watchdogs like yourself who then post these astute observations. Great job. Rated.
Saw the AZ sheriff just condemn hateful rhetoric and a Fox anchor call that "political." I am afraid the sides will remain the same. Watch Limbaugh one or two weeks out, and see the reaction of his dittoheads and we will see.
They make me sick.. quite plain and simple
rated with hugs
It makes me want to wash Juan Williams' mouth out with soap, seriously.

Poor Christina Green and her poor mother. How horrible that in seeking to learn more about American government, the last thing she ever learned is about how some people want to literally destroy it.

How very "Pro-life" of Fox News--to disavow their regular programming has ANYTHING to do with hateful actions being done by people disturbed enough to turn guns on other people.

If any good can come out of this, I hope it's a backlash of just public criticism--not death or destruction but honest and just public criticism--of those who make a lavish living by spouting hatred into microphones. Depriving these people of their livelihoods may be the only way to reach them.
The young lady is the Granddaughter of Dallas Green, the former Manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. 19 people shot. I just can't wrap my head around that. So tragic.
I clicked on Fox news last night for a few minutes and found that they can't even make a sentence without someone talking in their ear. I was shocked at how incompetent they really are in a crisis situation. I found it shameful..
Such a waste and a loss of a young girl with her whole life in front of her.
Dumb, Juan, like a fox.
You're right Michael, I never would have watched Fox news to hear their odious take on it so I thank you for reporting it for us.
Had a talk with Dante this morning. He and Virgil has prepared the way down the steps to the inferno for the Fox crew.

There is more than one way to burn books. Stop the advance of the 451s
There are moves afoot to launch a truly grassroots effort to fight the hate speech that has left us with an America we do not recognize. When I get more information, I will let all of you know how we can all be part of the solution.

What a dear little girl...
Unfortunately this kind of violence was bound to happen....the gun-toting folks at the political rallies, the second amendment remedies and the tree of liberty crap finally took its toll. Throw in the Beck's rantings and Fox's hate-mongering and some crazed person will take it literally. Look for the political home constituent meetings to drastically change. I will repeat again...if the right-wingers would just read some objective books, blogs, articles and get away from Fox...well no, strike that...they are a pretty tough group to see reason...god knows I have tried
I know we all hoped for a drop of conscience from Fox, but did we really expect them to say something even remotely remorseful? And they sure delivered another portion of hypocrisy and lies. People seriously should demand from the corporations to withdraw as much advertising as possible from FOX. There are other places the ads could go. Anything is better than FOX.
Crosshairs, reload, Second Amerndment rights. Is it any wonder that with talk and imagery like that, some nutjob steps over the line? News organizations need to have a sense of responsibility, and Fox News rarely does.
Steve Malzberg, Radio Host of "The Steve Malzberg Show", stated on CNN Sunday that when he heard about this tragedy, the first thing that came to his mind was that they were going to blame talk radio. Can you imagine the poverty of conscience that exists when the first thing that comes into your mind when hearing about a tragedy such as this is that they are going to blame you?

My most sincere condolences to Christina's family. I cannot imagine their feeling of loss.
Juan the puppet to the rescue! Despicable. And not terribly effective outside their shrinking weirdo coterie.
I wondered what he would be doing to earn his $2 million.
----Thought they'd continue their head in the sand, I don't know what you're talking about, shtick, at least until Monday morning...like some of the more clueless posters here....----
Nasty little buggers are back pedaling to beat all out.
Well said, Michael. As for Fox and the Tea Party Palinites, they are never wrong and never to blame for anything. No matter how clear the evidence, they deny, deny, deny.
They bear part, maybe the brunt, of the responsibility for the murders yesterday. They gave Palin a platform to spew here hate and violence from. They gave Juan Williams a bone. And did they really think that liberals would tune in after the way he shot himself out of a canon with sparkly fireworks shooting out of his ass over at NPR? Puh-leaze.
Everyone knows Williams is a bitch. These folks get dumber and more desperate by the second. They don't know what to say now.
How do they put it around here...rated?
I would say shame on them but they have no shame or conscience or even the remotest twinge of guilt for the results of their own actions.
More than 10 years ago, before 911 even, a friend of mine who listened to NPR with me told me she didn't trust Juan Williams and boy was she right. Weasles. I would not be very surprised if sponsors left these shows in droves after this. I've been wrong before, but honestly, this has to stop. What will it take to do the obvious things such as gun control, available health care, regulation of the airwaves? There have to be limits. And as for the right championing free speech, I see now they want this sheriff in Arizona to resign. Free speech for some apparently.
I'm frankly surprised they didn't turn it around and blame it on the victims, reminding them not to say such leftist/incendiary things that it drives people to violence. Isn't that, in effect, the party line? Effectively they've said, “Either elect us or expect people to use those second amendment remedies.” My guess is that when Beck or Limbaugh finally join the fray, that's what they'll be pitching. “See?” one of them will say in a race to be the most outrageous, “Voters didn't heed our warnings to move back to center from the far left way Obama has been taking things, and this is really just an inevitable consequence.”
I just wanted to include a link to a video with Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County and director Mueller of the FBI, a kind of "balance" to the wacko FOX perspective. Dupnik was wonderful yesterday when he said that the local political atmosphere had a lot to do with the assassination attempt, pointing out that Arizona, through the anti-immigrant rhetoric and Sarah Palin's involvement in the last election, had become a mecca of prejudice and bigotry. Here's the update from today:

You really are blind. You refuse to accept the comments of your Liberal friends like Andy Stern and other union leaders talking about violence or SEIU members beating up Tea Party members. What about the Black Panthers standing outside polling place with clubs? This all fuel stoking a fire and sooner or later it turns into a raging out of control inferno. Americans see what is happening in Europe today by Liberals and unions. You refuse to accept the comments of Obama and his administration to change America. The arrogance of the past two years by Obama and his cronies, by refusing to listen to the American People, has anger beginning to heat up and boil.

You Liberals are using the “Targets” issue as an excuse for the hatred of Palin. You can see that type of terminology anywhere. TV “Targets a certain type of audience. They “Target” a specific age group or a specific religious group or a specific gender. Political parties “Target” geographical areas, age groups, religious groups or genders. Any corporation, in their plan for the growth of the company will show those types of charts with bull’s-eyes on them. Liberals are mostly against capitalism and hence, do not associate themselves with that terminology.

America is in such a state of anger that now Liberals and Conservatives are going to be blaming each other. A fever pitch of accusations is flying around, about all subjects involved. The country is about to enter the realm of the idiots in Europe with their violence. Violence does beget violence. The second amendment rights will be attacked along with Conservative political organizations. Everyone will be out on a witch hunt.

This is all because of an evil soul that decided to take lives for his own personal cause. These same evil souls are on both sides of the political spectrum, as well as the religious spectrum, such as the Muslim in Fort Hood who also killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Conservatives and Liberals have always been targets of assassinations. Now it seems outrage fires up when it is one of their own. Giffords happens to be a BLUE DOG Dem who stayed central. Liberals did not like her for how she voted and now Liberals use her tragedy for their own selfish rally cry. How pathetic is that? Neither Conservatives nor Liberals had anything to gain and everything to lose by trying to hurt such a person. She voted both left and right. If this evil soul was out to make a political statement, he could not have picked a worse person. Giffords stood for both sides of the political agendas and is pro gun rights. Only an evil soul trying to stir up trouble between two different ideologies would have done this.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Trying to take guns away from honest American citizens will allow only the criminals to have illegal arms. Liberals will have accomplished an even more dangerous society at the mercy of armed hoodlums, without the ability to protect themselves. That would be an anarchist’s dream. Hmmmm, could this be an anarchist trying to cause violence to erupt between two different party ideologies.

Bill Ayers was bombing buildings and hurting people in the sixties and yet, he is now a hero to Liberals. Liberal union leaders are threatening violence, such as Andy Stern. Andy Stern said, "If we can’t use the power of persuasion, we will use the persuasion of power”. Reagan had an assassination attempt, to which Liberals were applauding. Liberals were defending the Fort Hood Muslim, Nidal Malik Hasan, incessantly. How soon we forget. The point is, neither Liberals nor Conservatives can blame this event on a political party.

This man, by choosing Giffords who is a Conservative and Liberal voter, is proof he is just an evil soul and not an armed political assassin. She is a Blue Dog Dem that was shot, a Conservative’s friend. She voted Liberal and Conservative, but all your eyes see is to blame the other side.

Get a grip, because violence can get out of hand very quickly, especially in the heightened anger of America today.

You see, there we go again, the never ending circle of blame and violence. I do not think it will ever stop because both sides will not let it.
Liberals are allowing themselves to be manipulated by what could possibly be Anarchists. Anarchists are DROOLING about a Liberal Conservative war. You are doing just what they want, act with hate and cause retribution against Conservatives and then Conservatives will retaliate until a full blown home grown war is established.

Congratulations on stirring up war. Sheesh, what morons.
Stop buying products from Fox sponsors...and let the companies know you are boycotting and why.
Dear Tommy, I've seen you pasting this same weak argument all over OS. Give it a rest. Heaven forbid you have an original thought. You sound like one of the bubble heads on Fox news with your talking points. Why don't you send them your resume. Most of your points have nothing at all to do with this post. Maybe you should go home now. I think I hear Glenn Beck calling for you.
Well said. It hurts me to look into her innocent eyes. I feel we have collectively let her down.
I saw Oberman's commentary last night urging everyone to return to civility. Fox should do the same.
@manhattankid: Good video. Thanks. FOX is off my cable list now--no more reason to watch the piss.
Thanks for sharing this shocking news.
fox news hires people like Glenn Beck. We must lower our expectations of them...
It's pathetic that we consider Fox to be a news source at all.
This is a very sad time in America. I can only hope that people will realize that we need to change.
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