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Michael Ryland

Michael Ryland
Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA
February 10
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OCTOBER 29, 2008 5:51PM

No Respect Due

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I have had it.  I have just spent 5 minutes yelling at my television and hoping bad things would happen to people I have never met.

Tom Delay, former House Majority Leader, is most famous for being corrupt.  He resigned from the House of Representatives in disgrace and now makes a living as a hate monger.  He just appeared on Hardball and engaged in the low form of rhetoric that only he, and most members of the Republican Party, can stoop to.  In his smooth southern drawl, he told us all once again how terrible Barack Obama would be for the country.  Unable to get away with his true opinions on television in the year 2008, Delay settled for the current crop of buzz words:  Socialist, Marxist, radical, dangerous.  I swear to God he was inches away from saying "Colored."  But Tom the Disgrace is too slick and smarmy for that.  He just smiled that greasy smile and told his lies like they were etched on tablets from Sinai.

Tom Delay is a liar.  Tom Delay is a fraud.  Tom Delay is corrupt.  But why should I be surprised?  He's a Republican.  All that these right-wing, Bible-thumping, law breaking morons can do is lie, cheat, steal and obfuscate.  John the Feeble and Sarah the Whack Job are just the tip of a very polluted iceberg.  Believe me, this is one iceberg that I hope global warming sends to oblivion.

Following the spew from the Grand Wizard, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz came on to refute Delay's Nazi rhetoric.  She started off with the phrase, "With all due respect..."!  Are you freaking kidding me?  What respect do any of these cretins deserve?  Liars aren't due respect.  Corrupt public servants aren't due respect.  The only thing Tom Delay is due is a jail cell.  I am tired of watching right-wing, gay-bashing, women-hating, bribe-taking crooks be given respect.

In their defense, the Democrats are trying to stay on the high road.  They are trying to stay above the fray.  They are keeping clear of the kind of filth that idiots like Delay, Buchanan, Coulter, Palin and the rest spread on America daily.  I applaud the nobility of these efforts.  But how long do you have to allow others to use you as a punching bag before you hit back; and hit back hard?  These people must be called out for what they are: LIARS.  Tom Delay should never be given a forum by any journalist above the level of the Weekly World News.  (That level would include any of the right-wing whores that work for Fox News.)

If anyone actually reads this, I have a fervent plea to make.  Pick up the phone, send an E-mail, knock on a door.  Do anything you can to get out the vote on Tuesday for Barack Obama.  Let's send the hate mongers into irrelavency where they belong.  Take nothing for granted, no matter where you live.  Every vote could be the one that seals the deal.  The polls are getting closer.  Don't stop until we cross the finish line Tuesday night.

See, I told you something else would bother me today.

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You've got to stop watching tv. The polls aren't THAT close. (Not that we don't have to be diligent but ...)

But I never watch tv anymore. If I want news, I go look at Democracy Now or the BBC. You'll have a stroke if you keep watching these liars go on and on.

I want someone to sue them frankly for spouting these lies and make them admit that they were lying.
I've said it before, I'm saying it now, and I'll provavly say it again -

Tom Delay and Newt Gingrich are thetwp pols most responsible for the polarization that exists between the Reps and Dems in general, and in the congress in particular.

They are both reprehensible characters, and should be treated as such. Any newcast or opinion show which hsa either one as a guest should be told in no uncertain terms that their appearance is a slap in the face to Americans of whatever political leaning.

If Chris Mathews reads his email, he will be hearing from me.
Please excuse all the typos in my previous comment. Can you tell I was PISSED?

FWIW, the email for Hardball is

Send Mathews and Hairball, er, Hardball, a comment if you agree that Delay, Gingrich, et al don't deserve the respect they are afforded by appearances in any public arena.
Below is a copy of the email I sent to Hardball:

"I see that you had Tom Delay on Hardball today. Shame on you.

You would be well advised to avoid giving slimeballs like Delay a forum for their lies and vitriol.

Tom Delay, along with Newt Gingrich, is responsible for the divide between the parties which has so thoroughly poisoned bipartisanship in the country as a whole, and in congress in particular.

Surely you can find guests who are fair and tolerant.

You risk losing the viewership of not just me, but every American who is sick to death of the polarization Delay and Gingrich introduced and defend even today.

I know you can do better.

Wayne Gallant"
The Obama campaign has said that they won't throw the first punch, but they will throw the last one. They've been running a pretty good campaign throughout the whole election process, and given the poll numbers and the negative tenor of their opponents, I'm starting to believe they might be able to deliver on that claim.