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January 17
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JANUARY 4, 2012 12:01AM

My own garden

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We look for strength in muscles


Hoping to build and strive for more

Yet the strength we need

Often thrives forward

With a desire to uphold

Is often lying dormant

Within our hearts

And minds

Hiding behind discord


And words that are not ours

To speak

These attacks are often shoved down our throats

Leaving us without a voice


One by one

Those words

Will be set aside

Tossed away

Like yesterday’s leftovers

Hopefully to be forgotten


And thrown away

In Tuesday’s trash pick-up

My strength is now found

From within

From the fruits of my own soul


And heart

With that I will feed my own soul

Plant my own garden

And let the seeds of my labor

Harbor a garden no one can steal

And it will

Shine amongst my success

With wildflowers growing

And the sun shining brightly

Across the garden

Of my strength,

My soul,

And the seeds which helped it grow.

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and passion, soul, strength

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happy new year! It is all in there! keep at it!
A lovely saga of self discovery/awareness!
So many things said well with so few words dear...
Thank you, Snow, Pixi, and 3 are the best...
Very well written and very well said!
Thank you scanner, always appreciate you stopping by for a read!