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January 17
I am a career oriented woman, who just retired from 20 years of active duty service in the military. I now work in a civilian hospital, and recently completed my MBA in Healthcare management. I enjoy writing, cooking, running, and above all spending as much time possible with my family.


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MARCH 3, 2012 1:00AM

My newly found wings

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My Air Force wings

Are now


20 years put behind me

In a midst of memories

That haunt me at times

Yet those wings

Once plastered upon my sleeves

Are hanging in a closet

Never to be worn again…


Those wings

find their strength

In my new found

Flight of passage

Finding my way

In my own passions

Instead of souring amidst a path

I was directed to fly

By voices that

Had an uncontrollable hold

Upon my life

My life is now my own

And although I tread lightly

Upon the trail

I make for myself

I know I no longer need

A tape across my uniform

To make a name for myself

The patches in my life are

Sewn merely upon by my own hand

With careful stitches

And invisible mistakes that are allowed

To be redone

Can be re-sewed by

A new tomorrow

I make my own path

Run my own race

And live my own life…

No one can take that away from me.

My wings now lie within my feet,

Not my sleeves

My heart,

And the passions that drive me

To keep



No excuses. 

No regrets.

And no looking back.

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I like this!!!

Good poetry - great thoughts!
Thanks, pix...been a while, trying to get back into it. Just finished my school!
Treading lightly. Being okay with mistakes in exchange for the lessons they yield.

You're journeying on a great path for yourself. What a blessing to have that opportunity and to be able to reflect on it and express it poetically.

Happy trails!
Fly on, fly forever too!
I know you are having a hard time with those wings. May I make a suggestion. Take a bunch of small treasures, perhaps a spoon, shells, and our wings. Attach them to pretty ribbons and make a wind chime or ornament. Putting things in the closet doesn't work. Those wings are part of you. A proud part. We have to live in the moment, but our past is who we are. Your poem says so much.
Congrats on being done with school. I may have missed that post; sorry if I did. Wings on your feet is a great metaphor! Best wishes!
Well done
Wonderful words
Wise look at a major life change, Michelle. I still dream I'm in the Army nearly 45 years after the fact. Never did learn to fly, tho. For you the analogy is perfect.
Beautiful, Michelle! You will not only fly, but soar! Loved it. Rated.
I like the sentiment and wings embedded in your feet, finding your own way. But looking back (being a memoir writer) helps me understand why I am where I am.
Lovely thoughts, Michelle. You've worked with wings both literally and symbolically in your poem, and now you have your freedom to set you free from the ties of what weighed you down before. But looking back once in a while is also a sign of strength you'll develop as you move on your new path. For by looking back, you'll see how far you've come along and how strong you are now. Best to you!
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments...I indeed hope to soar!!!
Love this..we all move on to the new things that help us to leave the old.