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January 17
I am a career oriented woman, who just retired from 20 years of active duty service in the military. I now work in a civilian hospital, and recently completed my MBA in Healthcare management. I enjoy writing, cooking, running, and above all spending as much time possible with my family.


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MARCH 6, 2012 10:27PM

My ‘ode’ to running

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A runner…


My ‘ode’ to running


A runner runs through the pain

Embraces swollen and bruised toes

Knowing with each step

They are one step closer to their finish line

A runner’s legs are often sore

But continue to strengthen through

Training and passion

A runner hears music differently

Than most…

Wondering if the lyrics will help

Motivate movement within their weary feet,

And feeling the beat of each note

As their feet and legs

Find a cadence and fall in to place

A runner sees neighborhood streets

And miles of pathways

As the road ‘undiscovered’

Or a peaceful place to escape. 

A runner in training



And drives through sickness


And exhaustion…

For the mere passion


And need to run

This need

Comes from within…

And no one,

Can take that away

Nor mimic,

Nor understand

The race

Each runner


To run…


Run on my friends…and be well. 

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need, drive, running, passion

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Being I go to the gym daily, I can really identify with this. I recently started to walk-run, and I love it. This poem does tell the woes and joys of training, well done.
Thanks Cindy, if you look back you'll see military posts as well which I think you'd appreciate.
Lovely! May the wind always be at your back!
Developing an adrenaline addiction, eh wot?

I am not a runner, but when I step onto the BB court it is more than exercise. It is a kind of active meditation.
Wish I could run. Great post and well done. Any preferred exercise pushes you to continue. For me it is walking 9 on the golf course. Have not given in to carts yet. I often go out on the course with a man who is 92...he walks too. Couple of miles dragging a bag of clubs is a work out. More than that it is a passion.
Get in the zone. I need to start running again.
There was a time, long long ago...I used to run on railroad tracks, stepping from rail to rail. Made me feel like I was in training for the Hobo Convention. More recently I've been forced into retirement by Mr. Arthur R. Itis. No messin' with that dude.
We all have our passions and goals that drive us...this truly is mine currently. Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments...trying to find my writing bug again after taking a bit of time off...xoxo