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January 17
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MARCH 22, 2012 12:35AM

Wind beneath my Wings

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Support is given, and received on many different levels.  My sister sang, “The Wind beneath my Wings” when she was nearing graduation, and I remember clearly sobbing as if I had lost my best friend.  She was leaving for college, and our time together was over for a moment. 

We fought, physically and emotionally for years.  Who could hit the other harder?  Who could lash out with mean words more often?  It was a constant battle…

Yet when I moved up to high school in 10th grade, things changed.  We became friends, confidants, and soul mates.  She asked ME, her little sister, to go out on the weekends to frequent the local bowling alley.  She asked ME, if I wanted to go up to Piedmont heights for Pizza to visit her boyfriend.  I was beyond words.  We were two peas in a pod, driving around visiting friends, and just plain having fun.  She helped land me my first real job as the “trash girl” at Hardees when I was only 15.  Man, we had fun…

I looked up to her…she was so smart, pretty, and FUN.  I was jealous for years because I felt I never lived up to the shadow I put myself in…yet when she was a Senior in high school, we lost all labels, and were friends…riding around in the Olive Drab green Jeep, and loving life…

Then she left for college, and I was lost.  I muddled through my last two years, and knew I needed to leave home myself.  There were no more trips to the bowling alley, no more adventures in Canada fishing and being one with nature.  It was time to make a future, and I needed to do this on my own…

Yet now, 20 years later, we are together again I find myself aching for that bond. 

I’ve been a runner for nearly 30 years…my sister took it up a few years ago running farther than I had ever dreamed of…yet now, I am training for a marathon and half marathon on my own, but with HER.  She is looked up to, esteemed by many, and I can only hope to follow in her footsteps.   I may run alone…but she is my wind…

With my ice bag on my knee and hammy after my long run tonight, I know I couldn’t ask for more.  Life is busy, but those that care reach out when needed.  I did my 6.2 miles tonight, and was given praise by many…but I run this race for me, and to be with my sister after 20 years apart…

Life.  Is.  Good. 

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Michelle, I am particularly close to my younger sister and I look up to her. I'm not sure if she does me ... but I kind of think so. She's told me a lot lately that she is very proud of me ... gosh ... just typing that now brings tears to my eyes ... she's proud of me because I've been on a bit of a tough road and I'm getting to where I need to be ... but in the end I couldn't have gotten here without her. She, and another, have been wind beneath my wings.

Run strong ... fly free...
This is endearing and also full of good news. Great sisters are a blessing. Good luck with the marathon, and don't hurt your knee. R
May the wing carry you like a feather forever.

☼(ˆ◡ˆ) ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★
☼(ˆ◡ˆ) ⋰ ⋮ ⋱(¯`•´¯)¸.(¯`•´¯).¸.(¯`•´¯)¸.Have a Memorable Week NOW! ☼
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Really touching. A nice story. Warm and GOOD.
I love you. Can't wait to run with you :)
Thanks everyone...I am truly blessed with an amazing sister...xoxo
Beautiful, Michelle! The relationship between sisters is one of the most complicated, yet rewarding ones there is. I have two sisters whom I treasure always. We have had our ups and downs over the years, but I would not trade them for the world. I can feel the love you have for your sister throughout this piece. Thank you for sharing with us! Rated. xoxo