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January 17
I am a career oriented woman, who just retired from 20 years of active duty service in the military. I now work in a civilian hospital, and recently completed my MBA in Healthcare management. I enjoy writing, cooking, running, and above all spending as much time possible with my family.


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MARCH 22, 2012 11:56PM

Rain, rain...go away...

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Rain, Rain, go away…

I need to run…

I need to be released from the pressures of life

Of being a single Mom without help

Without even being able to

Run errands

On my own

Seems small…I’m sure…

But after years of the life

Of an Army wife

You realize your time alone is rare

You need to be strong

Holding the family together,

The house

The yard

The career

And more importantly the kids

EVERYONE needs me…

And everything weighs on my shoulders

Yet when my youngest

Reaches for my hand

Or wraps her arms around my neck

Or makes me a beautiful picture that is priceless

And irreplaceable

I know I can do this…

When my oldest confides in me,

or crys on my shoulder

I dig deep for a strength I didn't know I owned...

Yet I still need time for me…

And so I run along trails

I begin to know

As if they are part of my anatomy

The hills, curves, twists and turns

Match the beat of my heart

And the rhythm of my steps

Yes this trail is mine,

And mine alone…

At least for a moment…

So rain,


Go away…

The trails are calling me…

I missed them today…

I need to run…

For me

For my kids,

And for my sanity…

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peace, patience, running, release

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The pressure of going it alone can drive one mad.
I understand the need to run.
Hang in there.
Thanks, Mary...trying to be better about making time, for me!
Beautiful poem. It reminds me of Mary Oliver's "The Journey" - my favorite poem ever.
rated with love
thanks RP...xoxo love Mary Oliver.
Wonderfully expressed!

Wouldn't it be great if we could all have just one little hour, just for ourselves, each day! What a glorious break from the cares of life that would be!
Beautiful statement of reality, and your love and commitment.
Can you ask a family member to give you day or two? So that you can pamper yourself with the things you need for yourself? In the interim... here is a thought....ask your children for help. Tell them that you need them.It often works. Ask them to be mommy for a while. Tell them that you are tired. That is not rejection it is truth.
Loving you as they do...they will understand. Well written and beautiful expressed.
Thanks everyone...and I wish, Ande, but they are busy...
Ok but lets have some more rain come planting time?
Bravo too!
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