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January 05
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NOVEMBER 18, 2010 3:34PM

Liberal Ideas Aren't "Fringe"

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In 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson, not the most liberal of liberal FDR Dems, fought the right-wing poor-bashers by saying stuff like this in speeches all over the country (this excerpt comes from a speech he made in North Carolina on May 7):

Right here in North Carolina, the State where I stand, poverty has left its mark. Some people say that if these Americans are poor, it is their own fault. I have even heard others say that God ordains poverty for the poor. Well, I don't believe them, and I don't believe God believes them either.

Just a small comment: I know God doesn't believe that nonsense and I doubt that anyone beyond the 19% of the braindead population that follows the likes of Ron Paul and Glenn Beck believes it, either. So it isn't, like, "fringe" thinking. It's, like, "mainstream" thinking. So what we need, clearly, is a political party that won't run from reality like it was a bad smell. Ideas?

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We're going to be keeping this simple from now on.
But Mick, God does ordain poverty for the poor. The truth of it is demonstrated by the fact of their being poor: QED. And of course, anything liberal is by definition whacked out, fringe-type thinking. I know this because the media says so, and they're backed up by the Democratic party. We need to accept the new reality and go along like good Germans with the dawning era of American fascism.
It's looking more and more like both sides of the political spectrum are going to start looking seriously at third parties -- tho' I can't -- or don't want to -- imagine how the Republicans can get much farther right and still be on this planet. Everyday it becomes more apparent the Wingnut faction has already succeeded with it's semi-bloodless coup and taken over the Republican Party -- or the reborn American Independent Party as it ought to now be known.

Obama's calls for bi-partisanship and Stewart's call for "sanity" make little sense when one side has no intention of compromising and in fact, profits from promoting insanity. These days, the divide is not so much between Liberals and Conservatives as it is between the decent and the indecent, between the rational and the irrational, and ultimately, between the Truth and the Lie.

As long as that remains the case, I have no idea how to improve the situation other than to remove the Liars from power. Hell, maybe Sharron Angle was right about that Second-Amendment Solution. But for the sake of all of us, I hope not.
Apparently survival has become a fringe idea.
I think most folks are just trying to stay afloat Mick.

At least the ones I see.
Johnson never spoke like a near-sighted accountant.
The Bible has hundreds of references to the poor. Not one time does it mention that the Government has the responsibility to take care of the poor. It does however, say over and over that it is up to us, the people, to take care of those personally. Deut. 15:7. If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers, in any of the towns of the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart, nor close your hand to your poor brother; but you shall freely open your hand to him, and generously lend him sufficient for his need in whatever he lacks. This is just one of many references that say the same thing. The state of Mississippi is the poorest state in the US, but is the most charitable one. Figure that one out. Taking care of ones in need, as the Bible states, is done by you and me on a personal basis. If you are so concerned about the needs of others, do something about it. Don't depend on a government to do what is your responsibility. We take care of those in need. Do you or do you want the guy down the street to.
You know, I'm getting tired of having to say this to civic morons like you but we all agreed a couple hundred years ago that the govt is us and will do what we want it to, facilitating stuff like neighbor-helping and spreading the burden fairly. The govt isn't some separate entity like monarchies and shit. In a democracy, it's, like, us, dude. If you don't get something that simple, that basic, what are you doing here? Maybe you ought to look into moving to a nice military/corporate/fascist dictatorship like Myanmar where your ignorance would fit right in with their political philosophy. North Korea's nice this time of year, I hear.
You are calling someone ignorant and also saying that the government does what we want it to. That the government is us. You evidentatly don't have a clue how our government works. Thats pretty ignorant in itself. What we agreed on a couple hundred years ago is not what we have now, coolwhip! You are a typical left wing, get it from a book thinker. Your ignorance is typical and I think you should move to Europe. They will do it just like you think it should be. And remember, only 20% of the US is as screwed up as you.
I'm a liberal
and I'm not fringe
though at times
I can get unhinged

when I hear about
the poor and the right's
making us all sore
I am a liberal without a snout