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APRIL 14, 2011 4:46PM

A Calm, Rational Conversation

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From Digby, who really ought to know better by now.

And once we cut the deficit by doing nothing and everyone has pulled themselves together after this collective panic attack, we can all sit down and have a rational discussion about long term health care costs and fixing that little shortfall in Social Security.

Isn’t that cute? She thinks we can still have one of those. She thinks there’s enough left of our brains after 20 years of Fox that we still remember what rational discussion is.

Of course, it’s possible she’s being sarcastic. I hadn’t thought of that.

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Do you think she's being sarcastic?
Don't know what her intentions were, but I get the impression this is another one of those misguided pleas for "moderation". Trouble is, you can't negotiate with terrorists -- and that is EXACTLY what the Republican Party has become.

The wimpy Dems wasted four years from 2006-2010 trying to make nice with partisan hacks who had no intention of bargaining in good faith. If present trends continue, Dems will lose as badly in 2012 as they did in 2010. Why? As I said elsewhere:

"It isn't just the enthusiasm gap on the Left that could become Obama's downfall in 2012. Absent some signs that -- win or lose -- he actually means what he says and is willing to fight hard for it, he won't win the Center either -- and NOBODY on the Hard Right will vote for him.

Contrary to the opinion of Obama and his handlers, American voters are not impressed with his attempts to straddle the middle of the road. The Center and Right tend to favor someone who gives the impression of being a tough guy.

Frankly, that's how W got re-elected in 2004, despite his already abysmal performance, he still left the Dullard Center and the Ignorant Right with the impression he was a tough guy. For anyone who doubts that, I have two words: Swift Boat.

In the election of 2004, Bush, the AWOL coward, was viewed as a warrior President, while Kerry, the real warrior, came off looking like a wimp. And there's nothing the American voter despises so much as a wimp."