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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 1:03PM

Angelina Jolie's Lips

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"Changeling" is out on DVD. My sister joined Netflix. I am a happy camper. I hit her up for the movie last night and finally watched Angelina’s Oscar nominated performance. First, though, I watched the “special features” which I always love. All the actors get interviewed along with the director and in this case, the director was Clint Eastwood. I don’t know about you, but this man bugs me. I cannot look at him and not remember that he somehow screwed over Sondra Locke. Not remembering the details, I was forced to Google. Holy Chamoly! They lived together fourteen years, he locked her out of their (his) home and put all her belongings in storage, then she wrote a “tell all” book alleging abuse. It’s all coming back to me now! What a schmuck! Anyway, I cannot look at him and not think of that poor little blond being bullied by big, bad “Dirty Harry.”

Dong! Dong! Dong! <~~~  HUGE church bells go off in my brain, as opposed to twinkling little “I got my Angel Wings” bells, Sean Connery comes to mind. AAAH! A sexist, asshole schmuck who admitted on TV twice (at least) that sometimes it is necessary to smack a woman, but not with a clenched fist, to calm her down in a “provocative situation.” Huh?  I cannot even wrap my puny little brain around this comment. Yet, women continue to adore both of these men, which I find baffling. I could go on and on here about idiot schmucks, but back to the movie.

Angelina Jolie’s performance was superb, I must admit, but I could not take my eyes off those lips.  Those red, plump, super-sized lips stole every scene. I studied how they moved, looking for signs of Botox paralysis, wondering if she had lip augmentation surgery. I was fascinated with those wondrous lips. They must drive men wild.  They have to be the reason Brad left Jen. What man could possibly gaze at those luscious lips and not imagine them wrapped around… Well you know…  I don’t have to ‘splain this to you, Lucy!  Jolie’s beauty is like no other. She is the epitome of the Greek Goddess, so I found it hard to imagine her in the role of poor, struggling Christine Collins, whose son had disappeared from her life forever.  The splendor that is her face, was just simply too distracting.

As spellbound as I was by Angie’s beauty, the comparisons to Octo-Mom became apparent to me.  I started thinking Octo-Mom could have starred in this movie and it would have been much more believable. Isn’t she a much more pathetic character? And poor Angie, (trust me, I rarely think this, and only in this one case) having Octo-Mom as a look-a-like.  Ewwwwwwwww!!

I found the story line even more enthralling since it is actually a true story. Swear to God! This woman’s son was kidnapped, the police tried to pawn some strange kid off onto her, she was slammed into a mental institution and toyed with by the murderer. The heartache and pain this woman endured seemed unrelenting and never ending. She went through hell and I wanted to strangle someone at the Los Angeles Police Department.  I read Clint Eastwood actually visited the ranch where these horrendous murders took place. Why? Because it is still standing!!  And people are still living there!!!  WTF??  The town changed its name, however, after the trial due to the fact so many tourists (polite word for demented lunatics seeking the macabre) came searching for the place.

The craziest thing I discovered (I love Google) after watching the movie is that the murderer’s mother/grandmother was an active participant in these child killings. Apparently, there was so much incest in the family no one ever knew for sure who belonged to whom.  She was also tried and served only twelve years of her life sentence in San Quentin Prison before being paroled. This was never brought out in the movie. Her son was sentenced to hang by a rope until death, which frankly, wasn’t enough punishment if you ask me.

The vintage costumes supposedly reflected clothes found in a Sears, Roebuck Co. catalog… I don’t think soooooooo!  I have pictures of my mother and grandmother from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Trust me, their clothes actually did come from Sears, but somehow didn’t look as grand as Angie’s. If that green dress she wore came from a Sears catalog I’ll eat my hat!  (I won’t really, so don’t hold me to this)

All in all, I liked the movie and would recommend it, just be careful not to become too enthralled with Angie’s lips. 

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but how can you not??? (become enthralled, that is)

:) I love the way your brain works!!!
Yeah, it's very hard to get past those lips. But, really, why would you want to.

rated for plumpness
when I look at AJ, its the eyes that captivate me...
Sorry to rain on the parade: I can't stand Angelina Jolie. Oh, she's a good enough actress, but she's so bloody creepy. Her lips don't look luscious to me, they remind me of the time I tripped and fell in elementary school and had two fat lips for a week.

The whole thing with her brother and then the Billy Bob Thornton relationship was just too much for me. And I am suspicious of anyone who hoards children. :)
Oh, Ash, I hear ya! She feels cold to me when I see her posing for paparazzi. And poor Jen, the way they cut away to Angie after her bit at the Oscars. Give me Reece Witherspoon over Angie any day of the week. I'm waiting for Brad to get his.. this hasn't played out to it's entirely yet!
Great post. I too like the way your brain works. I've said it before and I'll say it again, all of her movies should say: "Starring Angelina Jolie and Her Lips."
I haven't seen this yet. I am recovering today from oral surgery and my upper lip looks like Angelina's but the lower does not, so I am oddly disproportionate. I really look more like Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes.
That info about Mr. Connery and Clint was news to me - rather stomach turning. Have yet to see "Changeling", but did see "Gran Torino" and found it flawed - too many cliches in the characters of the sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren and a few others, but I know a lot of people thought that he rocked it.
Great post! You give me multiple giggles....
I guess we can say you have discovered my um, gi spot??
Excellent movie review. From clothes to acting, to historical bits to current culture gossip and background filler gossip. Completely satisfying with every bite!
I once had a dream where Angelina Jolie's disembodied lips appeared in the sky and told everyone to go sit in the closet. I've been there ever since.
MB... I do hope you are feeling better, but honestly, you should take a picture and blog about it!!

Mother... Thank you!
John, thanks for the rating! I can totally see where a man would be gaga over those lips.

Brian, funny thing about the movie.. even in the psycho ward she had eye make up on... now, come ooooooon!
Sally... Good title!
Teresa.. I feel ya! I don't think I'll be seeing Gran Torino anytime soon!
Sandra no longer miller
I blogged about this before Tooth Yesterday was surgery to correct complications from this implant. I really do look like Dr.Zira
I like Angelina and her lips. Jennifer Anniston is dope. Brad knows.

Still not sure if this movie is worth the time. Sounds depressing and not especially profound.

Good research and writing on your part though, MAWB!
She's a looker, alright. She looked great at the Oscars too.
Great picture of Dr. Zira!! I laughed outloud!

And yes, I saw her at the Oscars too... she looks amazing, but still cold to me.

And Jen... poor, pitiful Jen. Her life sure changed when Brad left her... I read where Angie crawled into bed stark naked when they were filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Seems she knew exactly what she wanted... and got it.
It takes a year or two to make a movie. I don't know how directors etc can spend all that time contemplating scenarios such as you describe take place in this film, MAW. Talk about incest... I can't even begin to figure out how a woman is a mother and a grandmother of the same child. I don't think Angie's lips could redeem that scenario. But you made me laugh with your story telling.
Joe, I found this on Wikipedia... thus my comments...

"During Gordon Stewart's trial, Sarah Louise also claimed she was actually Gordon Northcott's grandmother rather than his mother.[16] Sarah Louise stated that Gordon was the result of incest committed by her husband, Cyrus George Northcott, against their daughter Winifred.[17] She also stated that as a child, Gordon was sexually abused by the entire family. None of Sarah Louise's claims of abuse were substantiated, and Winifred denied incest with her father."

I think I'll pass on this movie, MAW. I thought it was a cheap shot Clint took on the girl boxer movie, as in, Why do you have to disable her in order to further your plot line? I thought the character was interesting enough that you wouldnt have to go for those so-called heart string pullers. And yet, I love Undefeated. One of my favorites. I think it was a great script and that's that. Maybe Clint shouldn't get too much credit.
Joe, I agree... maybe Clint gets too much credit. I didn't see that boxer girl movie. After watching "Changeling," I found tidbits on the web as interesting as the movie. True mysteries have always fascinated me.
Thanks for your input!
I, too, am held in the thrall of Angelina Jolie (and her lips). She is almost TOO beautiful. She exudes such sexy charisma that it nearly blots everything else out on the screen whether she is speaking or not. She is the epitome of a 'screen' star.
Agree with you on Connery, - Eastwood I'm not too sure - two sides to that story I think.
I'm with you on Sean and Clint, but I'm with Ash on AJ's lips.

The movie sounds interesting but might fall into the category of one I might find too disturbing. I don't mind horror as long as it's make-believe.
because the subject came up....

look jen let herself go..she slipped way down on people magazines sexiest woman alive list..from 1st to 7th..in just one year!!

how can the worlds handsomest man stay with the same woman even though there are obviously 6 other women in the world more beautiful

that just wouldn't make sense

would it?