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JUNE 3, 2009 11:37PM

Happy Birthday, Baby!!

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this is a beautiful song, and happy birthday to your daughter!
beautiful... a visual journey... baby to adult. please extend my birthday wishes to your daughter. You done good, Mom!
Thank you nanatehay!! I was hoping this would work.... I couldn't get the song to upload to youtube with the video. Grrrr..... I didn't have any problem with the dog's, but now when I really want it to work I can't!! LOL
Thanks Mr. Mustard!! I could not have done it without your help!!! I will tell her....
Lovely, and Happy Birthday to your daughter!
MAWB, you seem to have such a great family, lucky you!!
Happy Birthday MAWB's daughter. WOO HOO!
Beautiful song, one my girls and I have played for each other. Happy Birthday to your daughter! May she have a wonderful day and many more.
The love between a mother and daughter is one of the most powerful love.
Beautiful! Congratulations to your family.
happy birthday to your daughter from all of us here on the ss margaritaville!
I feel exactly the same about Verbal Remedy. 27 birthdays missed, but since 1968, never a January 18th. unmarked in my heart. Your girl is gorgeous and I imagine deeply soulful, as is her mother...happy birthday to both of you. Music brought tears...good tears...
MAWB-I remembered...

Check this one out:


BuffyW, Thank you! She will be happy when she sees this post in the morning.

Ariana Paz, Whoo Hoo! Yes! I am lucky! And thankful!

fireeyes24, I love this song too! When I finally got the video and the song going together I cried my eyes out! I have two sons whom I love dearly, but there is something special about a daughter, I agree!

Leslie Basden, thanks for stopping by and wishing her happy birthday!

Cap'n Parrotdead, Thank you!! “We are the people our parents warned us about.” Jimmy Buffet

Mothership, you are truly blessed. Verbal is beautiful and I truly enjoy the pictures of the two of you she posted on her blog. You and I grew up in a time.... well, you know. My sister got pregnant here senior year at AOL, was sent off to Springfield, put her daughter out for adoption and was never able to get pregnant again. Every time my sister and I got pregnant, it nearly killed her. I am a lucky woman. I will count my blessings with you.
oh, this is lovely, the music, the montage of growing up. thank you for sharing this. it's just beautiful. what an excellent mom you are,s weetheart!!! love lvoe love and gratitude and happy birthday to your lovely daughter. you two look adorable together!!! more like sisters, i swear.
What a lovely young woman! And you did a great job of putting together a montage of her life in pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Dear Earthling,

This comment would belong to one of your earliest posts: POCKNIS, THE LANGUAGE OF MEN -- which I had the opportunity to recommend for inclusion in the prestigeous(?) "PopSmiley's Greatest Picks" (a kind of Non-Editor's Picks) -- but chances are you would not find it there. So I placed it here.

You also may not know that PopSmiley wants to share with you some relevant information about the same blog, and asks you to check your INBOX under the menu "MORE"
This is one of my favorite songs! A beautiful song for a beautiful girl! Congratulations.