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JUNE 24, 2009 7:49PM

More "Schock and Awe!"

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From Elaine Hopkins blog, PeoriaStory:

Schock Hypocrisy

PEORIA -- Here's a tidbit that the Peoria Journal Star likely won't run:

Hypocrisy Schocker: Aaron Schock “Awards” COPS Funding To East Peoria That He Voted Against

Posted by DCCC Press

Jun 24, 2009

In a stunning act of hypocrisy, Congressman Aaron Schock held a press conference with members of the East Peoria Police Department to "award" a $410,000 federal COPS Technology Grant that he voted against on the House floor. During the event, Congressman Schock claimed "here in East Peoria, the police department, they make great investments in their people, and it only makes sense to continue to invest in the technology and tools they have in order to keep the citizens of East Peoria safe and police officers safe in the line of duty."

"Opposing much needed law enforcement funding is bad enough, but it is simply outrageous for Congressman Schock to then hypocritically take credit for securing the very money he voted against," said Gabby Adler, the Midwestern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Aaron Schock not only misled the people of East Peoria, he lied to the faces of the men and women of the East Peoria Police Department who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the community."

The $410,000 COPS Technology Grant for the East Peoria Police Department was requested by former Congressman Ray LaHood, and included in the FY 2009 Omnibus Spending Bill that Aaron Schock voted against. According to local reports, this funding is being used by the East Peoria Police to upgrade their communication capabilities to ensure future interoperability with other area first responders and to upgrade two dozen squad cars with digital in-car camera video systems.


Congressman Aaron Schock voted against the final passage of the FY 2009 Omnibus Spending Bill. [HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09]

The FY 2009 Omnibus Spending Bill included a $410,000 COPS Technology Grant requested by former Congressman Ray LaHood. 

Here's the link to the Peoria Journal Star story


Picture credit - TMZ  


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Wouldn't you like to know how much of this stuff is going on right now by Republicans who voted no on the stimulus package?
What pile of human excrement, plus he adds to the greenhouse effect everytime he exhales. Rated, Lois.
I agree with SheepDog. I don't miss the big city either. rated
rAted! but you know that already.
I lived in Normal for a couple of years and used to hop over to Peoria every once in awhile to meet up with the Deaf people there. Glad to see that very little has changed in my absence. It makes me slightly homesick for Illinois.
you keep voting for politicians, in the face of endless experience of their moral quality and competence. who then is the fool?
You know this is rated, and I'm stealing OESheepdog's comment.
Don't you think this article was a little (well actually a lot) disingenuous? The article makes appear as if Schock was against funding the cops. Did he *say* he was against funding the cops?

Or could it be that he voted against the bill because was opposed to one or more of the other items in HR1105, a bill that basically funded the entire executive branch. That's why it's called an omnibus bill--it covers a wide variety of items.

Or perhaps he voted against it because he opposed budget policies pursued by both the Bush Administration and Obama that spent trillions of dollars without making any kind of provision for paying for the spending.

Asking one's spouse how they are going to pay for a child's college education does not mean one is against their kid getting an education.

If you have philosophical disagreements with Schock's stated positions, that's fine, but at least try to be honest about what those positions are.
Oculus, even Rachel Maddow calls out Aaron Schock. He has voted no on ever women's issue, straight down his party lines.


It gets worse...
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