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SEPTEMBER 19, 2009 4:56AM

I Cannot Wait.......

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To buy this woman's new CD when it comes out in November!!!



I cannot stop listening to her version of this song.... it is absolutely haunting.


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Let's hear it for Susan Boyle!!! YEAH!!!!
This rendition of a Stones song by Susan Boyle was met with lots of mixed reviews, but I like it. Agreed. Will absolutely buy her music. Thanks for posting this.
I'm a rocker from way back and yet i thought this cover was excellent.
This is one of those "fairytale" stories come true! I'm so happy for her and for others who aren't judged because of appearance.
If you seen my C**ksucker, Starf**ker post, you know I love the Stones. I love the way she did justice to this classic. As a matter of fact, it is now a classic, by her!!
Great Gost~~~Rated~~
This is so poignant...gives me the chills. Thanks for sharing.
I couldn't imagine how she would do a cover of this song without it failing to do justice to her voice, but damn, she's pulled it off. Thanks for posting this here. I think she's a huge icon for keeping the hope alive in all of us.
Ok, I am going to admit here, that until now, I have NEVER listened to Susan Boyle. Just another weird thing about me--I rarely get sucked into the hype.

However, I love the Rolling Stones and I must say, she is the phenomenal singer that everyone had her cracked up to be!
Thanks MAWB!
shivers and chills, "Wild horses couldn't drag me away", a tear, a sigh.
love it, love it.
danget, what a voice! and yes, haunting is a good word here.
It is a great cover! Thanks.
Incredible and very amazing voice.. what a story she has.. Remember to never give up on your Dreams. Listening gives people hope that is for sure.. Great post..
She's cool - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she gets more than a "flash-in-the-pan" experience with fame.
lovely, very unique. I like this. Thank you.
I'll buy it too...her voice is so, so lovely. A real gift.
I can't wait either....it is so wonderful to see ordinary people do extraordinary things. She is really coming into her own, and she has paid her dues to be there. Thanks for putting these up, I had missed her appearance on America's Got Talent.